Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting your shit together

What? You mean you never had one tragic moment in your life? The one which is sort of "kick in your pants" failure moment. But, how is that even possible? If so, then sorry to say, getting your shit together will get that much more harder. 

It is true. Determination, willpower and all those underdog type abilities emerge when we confront unexpected, massive tragedies in life. I always felt they were like little reminders to make you appreciate your routinely good life a bit more. But you know what is more amazing?  It is that "kick in your pants" feeling. That sort of outrage that builds up in you - that says to you to stop being such a sissy about it and get up and face it. And whatever it is, conquer it.

It is hard to be maddeningly focussed and determined in normal circumstances. Pick any kind of underdog - they have been through rough times, some crazy low point that it kicks them in their pants to do their best. To prove their best.

This phenomenon is called "Getting your shit together". This happens mostly when tragedy strikes (sorry some of you incredibly lucky people who sail through life, this ain't for you.) Yes, getting dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend is gold (see video). Although I wouldn't, in my wildest dreams, break up with Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, if he were my boyfriend. 

Ok so if you have read so far, let me give you some more unsolicited advice.

All those motivating TED talks and all, they are short-lived, ok? Your brain processes them in and out it goes. Ask the TED speakers if they were driven by watching only TED talks. They will tell you. So instead recollect something tragic that has happened to you and how you came out of it or didn't - what do you want to takeaway from it? No, not about being weak and pain and sadness. I meant take it as an inspiration instead.

If all else fails, just think about your (Indian) parents. That should do. (Yes, they are exasperating at times. Admit it ;-).  Or think about your boss. Or that snobbish friend. These are your best bets.

Meanwhile, if nobody is inspiring you or you need some laughs or you are just plain tired reading this blog post, watch this kid pep talk you for instant energy.

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