Saturday, June 02, 2012

Quit Early, Quit Often

Who you are and what you do - should not be two different things. The choices you make in life keep these two things in harmony. This is the premise behind one of the sensible, honest graduation speeches I have heard (below) by a Harvard Business School professor. 

He makes an acute observation in this speech - we are unhappy less due to circumstances and more due to the choices we make. One of such choices he speaks about (among other things) is Learning to Quit


Because to take the right decision it is important to ask yourself everyday - "Am I excited about doing this?" And if the answer is no, you need to quit.

The speaker emphasizes - Be a good quitter

Because in the long run, it is time and not money that you will fall short of. So quit and save yourself some time to work on something that you really care about. 

You need to make a choice now - do you have the courage to quit or do you live in the futile hope that things will improve on their own?

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