Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dentist, ahoy!

There are several things that I haven’t done or experienced in my life. One of them that might not sound out of the world is a visit to a dentist. 

So when I absolutely had to go to the dentist this week, I reluctantly went. Like any other smartphone user, I looked up reviews before I took a last minute appointment. As is the norm with last minute appointments, I was given the oddest time – 10 AM on a Friday. I was like “Hello? I got work to do, remember?"
Of course my plea went unheard and I was done postponing this visit, so anyway, I declared WFH (Work from Home) and stomped to the Dental Office. Of course, totally unaware of how 105F felt outside, I went out without any sort of sun protection. It was “melt my skin” hot! This freaking heat wave is killing me :-/

Plus, the PATH train had to fail on me. Right from the moment go, things went wrong. Trains came late and then a train poofed to a stop. Just like that. Right in front of me. It gave out a screeching hiss and went calm. "Oh that's not good", a lady in her suit exclaimed beside me. I saw a couple of similar looking similar dressed bankers or whoever typing rapidly on their phones, trying to make phone calls to call in late to work. Of course, you all know what a cool cat I am eh? I just whipped out the latest book from my library and went digging right in. Half hour later, the train was still hissing on and off. Hmm. I was going to get late to this appointment I thought. It felt ominous and I suddenly felt hungry. Hmm.  But anyway, they sort of moved the train to clear the tracks and the next train came in, so it wasn't, let me just say, all that bad.

Blame it on my Iphone, it was showing me wrong directions. Why would it show wrong directions, you ask? Simple, because I entered 126 instead of 162. Yes, wrong address. LOL. When I almost gave up searching for this office I found it on the corner of the street with a tiny placard with office hours written on it in Arial font. (Now did I tell you how much Arial font irks me?) “This is it?”, I thought to myself. It looked like a tiny home from outside, so obviously I judged it. I took respite in the yelp reviews. 4.5 stars. They must do something right, I concluded.
They buzzed me in through the main entrance (didn't I tell you it was a home?!) and when I went up my conclusions were true. It was like some sort of 3 bedroom apartment converted into a dental office. Hmm. Not that I am sucker for fancy things, still! Anyway, I filled out the forms and such. You know with all those lengthy Q&A on your medical history and about my non-existent pregnant life and what not. I got so impatient filling it out at a point, when I started scrolling "NONE" in bold all over the paper. Serious. :D

Anyway, a petite nice looking lady doc ushered me in.

Doc: Hi, I am M
Me (beaming, almost wanted to say I am M too!): Hi
Doc: Nice to see you, could you lie down for me please
Me: Yes
Doc: So what brings you here M?
Me: Just passed by, thought I would give you a visit

Thankfully she had a sense of humor

Doc: And let me guess, you saw the reflection of your smile on the shop window and didn't like it?
Me: Haha. (Turning serious). My wisdom tooth's hurting and my gums are bleeding
Doc: Hmm. Lets take a look then. I will take your X-Ray first.
Me: (Nodding)
Me: (Jumping up) Just so you know I never visited a dentist ever

I think she narrowed your eyebrows to camouflage her shock at my statement

Doc: May I ask why? Are you scared of us?
Me: No, not really. I don't think I was ever worried about oral hygiene until I saw my gums bleed this week
Doc: Hmm, not good. You should visit a dentist atleast twice a year.
Me: Sure

X-rays and all that jazz done, she flashed them on her computer, digital shots.


That was my instant reaction

Me: They look, um, nasty!
Doc: Well, I dont think you even brush twice or floss. Am I right
Me: (Nods in approval)
Doc: That's not good. It can get serious.

Me dont eat desserts. Me dont eat chocolates. Me drinks lots of caffeine though. But I didnt tell her this.

Doc: So for the wisdom teeth, I am sorry, but you need to go to an oral surgeon to get them extracted
Me: But they pain!
Doc: I know, I dont do tooth extraction

I hide my anger. I thought that was in your job description.

Doc: I can go a cleaning to help your gums, but they need to be restored. You will need atleast two deep cleaning session...blah blah..

At this point I was looking at this cheesy wall hanging in her office that read "Smile, it costs nothing"
Yeah, right. Tell that to a dentist. 
I resisted telling her - "Let me tell you, I am doing only things that are covered under Insurance ok?"

Doc: what do you want to do?
Me: Cleaning for now
Doc: Ok, lets do it


She thrust some hissing tube into my mouth, it's supposed to suck the saliva out of the mouth once it is open for too long. I interrupted her every second she groped for her tools to ask her what they do. At one point she went all "Sssssshhhh" on me. That was her way of telling STFU. So polite she was.

Doc: Are you ok?
Me: Oh ya, absolutely, I went into a dream like state. I am kind of enjoying this
Doc: Really? It is not paining?
Me: A bit, when you scratch it like you are weeding at a garden

She burst into a loud laugh. I joined her. Then she resumed and I sort of stared at her eyes. Ooooh, romantic. Where else can you stare? LOL. For some time I stared at the light on the top, but it was too much for my eyes. She had liquid brown eyes. She was quite attractive I think. Don't get me wrong, btw. LOL. Dudes must really want her to check on their teeth, I thought.

Rest of it was pretty normal, each time I would be asked to take a break and rinse to spit out all the *stuff* she scratched up from the gums.

Doc: It is not that bad, but ummm, you got a lot of bacteria up on your gums and it has gone a bit deeper, so you really need a deep cleaning. Please take it seriously ok?

Me: OK

Doc: You really have healthy and strong teeth, specially the canines. But they are useless without strong gums. So you gotta take care.

Once she was done, she shoved me a kit - that had a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss and reminded me again. Wow, woman. I got it, ok? Sigh, dont get me all depressed now about my teeth.

So I got my X-rays now and everytime I look at them, I run like I am on fire to the restroom and brush. I have got really paranoid about my teeth now :(

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The beauty of loneliness

This is my entry for Indie Ink Writing Challenge - Week 8

She ran across from her bedroom as the phone ring. She knocked her feet against the doorstop. Only this was the third time. She almost resisted from screaming the curse word.  "God, why me?", she muttered.

"How are you baby?", said the voice over the phone. It was her mom.
"Whatever mom! Fine", she huffed
"How was your day darling?", her mom continued.
"Ma...what can be different? Please Ma, what do you want?", she gasped.
"Oh I just hoped I could give you some company. I will call you some other time, you should get some rest", her mom replied.
"OK. Fine. Night!", she dropped her phone and strutted to the couch, her toe was still paining from the third hit at the doorstop.

As she settled in her couch and flipped through the TV, she sighed. "Not even the damn TV can show something interesting", she grunted, still holding her toe by her palm.

Suddenly she felt all lonely. She looked around. The silence was somewhat discomforting. Except for the faint sound of the air conditioner in her bedroom, she could hear nothing. Her eyes fell on the magazine spread across on the coffee table. The magazine cover was partially visible, it looked like two eyes peering out at her.  (It was actually a skirt pictured on the cover). It reminded her of the time when she used to make portraits. Dozens of them. Of everyone she saw, remembered or met. She was so good at it. Until she had to leave all that behind to take up a corporate job. She sighed. She hated living with roommates and having to compromise on so many things. She hated being bothered or being instructed. She had imagined life would be "fun" living alone. Without menacing company to bother her. She could get all the time to herself, if she stayed away from people, family, friends, she had thought.

As so many thoughts sped her mind, her eyes got moist. She was strange as a child. While kids would play around and savor delicious food, she would sit in a corner and watch them do, whatever they do. And sketch them and make portraits. Once she had made a portrait of a woman who was "dressed funnily". She had run into her at an old abandoned building, few blocks from her school. She sketched her and talked to her and shook hands with her. She was full of cigarette smell. She smoked a lot and funny hair and lot of makeup.
When she showed the portrait to her dad, he was miffed at her. She didn't understand why. She was sure her sketch was quite like the woman she had met that afternoon. Her mom had later told her that she actually drew the portrait of a whore. And she should never go to that awful building ever.

She smiled as that memory came back. A sudden thought struck her. She slipped into her jeans and stuffed her pockets with dollar bills. She made some purchases at a nearby art store. She climbed down to the basement of her apartment building and fished out her old easel and dusted it. As old memories ravaged her, she sketched and sketched into the dawn. Only taking breaks to make pots of coffee. She sketched till her body ached and her arms screamed of exhaustion. As she used up the final bits of colored pencils, she took stock of the portraits in front of her.

She drew herself, a series of portraits of herself. Some pretty, some happy, some sad, some hopeful and some thoughtful expressions of herself. Funny how she remembers her own face. "I must be looking at the mirror too long!", she thought.

The phone rang, this time it was her boss. The clock showed 6 am. She did not take the call.

"Screw it", she said aloud. She strutted back to her bed and pulled the sheets over her. Smiling and strangely not feeling lonely anymore.

My prompt this time came from Janani - "Loneliness can make people do the strangest things"
Btw, special mention for Janani since I came across Indie Ink Challenge for the first time in one of her blog posts. Her posts are amazingly charming. So do visit her blog =)

My prompt went to Shiv this week - "Why so serious?" Find the reply (a poem!) here

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Inspiring songs

I woke up to a dull Sunday today. Still trying to find my mojo, I switched onto these songs (building a playlist on my itunes now) that sound inspiring on some level.

Fighter - Christine Aguilera

Fireworks - Katy Perry

Affirmation - Savage Garden

Raise your glass - Pink

It's my life - Bon Jovi 

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Daily affirmation

I bumped into this cute but solid daily affirmation video by a kid who apparently is in a great positive mood!