Saturday, April 23, 2011

Its a woman thing!

I think its a woman thing....Read on to figure what I mean by that.

Late Saturday noon as I deep condition my hair with castor oil..I notice a whole bunch of hair falling on the floor. Like autumn. No kidding. One look at the mirror and my off-white home t-shirt seems to be sticking at my belly and giving it a pot shape. No kidding again.

Frustrated I come back and switch on the webcam and look at my boyfriend.

BF: Helloooooo
Me: (In my mean-est expression ever) Hi
BF: Whats up sweetie??
Me: Nothing
BF: So you done taking care of your hair?
Me: Ya

If there is one thing men should learn about women, it is this - if a women speaks in short syllables or one word, it means TROUBLE
BF: (Sensing something's wrong) Whats wrong?

Wow, he dived straight into it, didn't he? If it was a woman she would have cajoled me before asking whats wrong. Men always want straight up!

Me: Nothing
BF: Are you bored?
Me: (giving up) My hair's shedding...
BF: That's cause you worry too much
Me: (Heeding no attention to what he just spoke) I mean its FREAKING falling. What should I do?
BF: You should learn to take less stress
Me: (Exasperated by now) OK.
Me: (Continuing..) I dont get it. I do everything. Also look at my abs, there is no abs only flab. I have been working out in the damned gym for a year now. 1 WHOLE F****** YEAR. And no abs.
BF: You should worry less and take it easy.
Me: Oh so it's my fault?
BF: What? When did I say that?
Me: Fine, you should sleep now
BF: What??????
Me: Go to sleep now.
BF: You sure?
Me: Your wish
BF: Hmm ok
Me: Good night.
BF: Ok bye...
Me: (no reply)

10 mins phone rings

BF: I am sorry
Me: (Aha!) Why?
BF: I make you upset for no reason. I shouldn't have said it was "your fault"

Realizing I have taken this too far. I told ya, its a woman thing.

Me: Hmmm
BF: I will google about what to do for your hair
Me: Ok now thats enough. Go to sleep please.
BF: Sure?
Me: Yes. And I am sorry too.
BF: Don't worry ok? Speak tomorrow then. Night!
Me: Ok, night.

By now you think I am the meanest...but hey its a woman thing you all. So suck it up men. We come with a high price. LOL.