Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ho ho hoboken...

Hoboken is the only place in Hudson County that never ceases to surprise me (read food surprises, haha). Also it is the home to this guy 'Buddy' (whatever!) who bakes cakes and was supposedly on some reality show called Cake Boss. Every Saturday I see people standing in this long line outside his shop for cake consultation (ya, you heard it right, I ain't crazy, he is consulted for wedding cakes I believe). And people wait an hour long to buy pastries and cakes. Now, I am not a fan of standing in lines, sorry. A cake is a cake and does not warrant a long line like that...

Ok, that was enough promotion for nothing. But I bumped into this brand new truck called 'Two pitas in a pod' - was pretty good but thought it was a bit pricy for truck food :D Now I will tell you since last week I have been dreaming about Middle Eastern food. I am not sure why. Falafel, shawarma, name it! So I am intentionally exploring the food truck scene in nearby areas and in and around downtown Manhattan. Think am ready to make a shawarma imposter at home. I don't think it takes a lot to put that thing together. Just need a pita, some homemade tahini and fresh cuts of lamb. Yeah, thats about it. Now if I may stop the food talk creeping into my blog. LOL.

Even the folks here are crazy. I remember the day I saw some teenage kids getting into the PATH to hoboken. You know the hoodie-jeans-spiked hair-bright nail paint sorta kids...Anyway this guy with his girlfriend and a circle of friends make some noise. No one pays heed. (Thats how insensitive people are in NY/NJ. Nothing bothers them. LOL) But our guy here was craving for attention. So he starts sort of tap dancing. Yawn. Doesn't work out. Then tries to crack a joke. Naah...Then the white kid does something totally dramatic. No no, he did not flash us or something (if thats what you are thinking;)). He pulls his hood to his head and pulls the strings of the hood to encase his face until his face goes totally inside the hood and there is a tiny hole. And then he shrieks...."Look ma, I am coming out of your womb". And he comes tearing it open. ROFL. That was his genius moment, he caught our attention. Look how much it takes to get attention from the subway crowd?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A whole day of daydreaming, fighting cold and keeping awake

It is one of those days again. Your co-worker catches a flu. And then you get it. And it continues. And just when I was day dreaming about warm spring and cherry blossoms, there is snow, hail and winds coming from nowhere. What is this? New York or Snowville?

Never mind. You know how you take those sedatives and suddenly nothing around seems important with a nasty cold that drives you crazy? Sleep seems the most important thing to do. And as if that was so much fun, I decide to do Tabata today. For those who don't know what the hell that is...well, its best unspoken. You can google it I guess, if you are dying to find out (which you are not, is my guess). Its simply said, 30 minutes of near-death exercise. The kind where you know you are about to die in the name of physical endurance. LOL. That too when you are sick. Not cool Manju. NOT COOL. Anyway I kept at it, and looked all glorious in sweat and triumph, smiling end to end. Only to come back to my work desk and waiting to binge it out. I look up at the TV and CNBC predicting stocks and all those timezone billboards on the floor suddenly make me nauseous. Why do I care what the time is in Hongkong or Sao Paulo? I look around me, everyone typing into their keyboards, staring at their widescreen triple monitors. I mean it is really funny, humans are made for unitasking, yet we hurl ourselves into half a dozen screens. Does that really help our focus?

Then I rummage thru my desk drawers and pull out a surprise dark chocolate coconut bar. Great. The only thing that got me excited for today. And you know how the average programmer gets oh-so-confident about his/her code. Yeah, thats right, that was me today. But somewhere my little voice spoke up and said, just give that regtest (regression test) one last shot, just to "be safe". Ah whatever, I pressed a key while munching on my new found chocolaty goodness. And baaam! Suddenly a whole lot of null pointer exceptions sneak in from nowhere. That SOB! My code was supposed to be nullpointer-proof! Well, well, wakey wakey Manju. Mediocrity is yelling at you right now. Sigh. I fix it and run with it and deploy it. Time to get a cup of hot water for that sore throat - silly cold. You know whats the most annoying thing about common cold? Makes it hard to breathe fresh air! So hard. *Sniff*

You can make it hard to breathe, but you cant take the day dreaming off my eyes, you nosy cold. LOL.

And just like that, I am returning to my "can-do-it-at-night" day dreaming;)