Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Book Review: The Facebook Effect

I have been reading The Facebook Effect for the last 2 days now and I am already tired of Kirkpatrick (author) repeating time and again that Zuck's (Mark Zuckerberg) intention was never to make money. OK, we get it, but does this have to be repeated like a ton of times!? It appears like Kirkpatrick is Facebook's fanboy.

Isn't describing Facebook as a tool to bring about "world peace" (how tacky?!) is stretching it a bit too far? Or may be I just lack the vision to see Facebook in that light? As I see it, Facebook's majority users are those who look to Facebook for FUN than anything serious. I love Facebook for making things around us more transparent but I am unable to concur it's larger role in society. (One million voices against FARC did put Facebook in that perspective but I have never heard since then of any other major movement. It's always Farmville or Mafia Wars on my news feed. Maybe I just need more serious friends on my network? haha.)

Despite some of these minor irritants, I have liked it so far (and that is probably why am continuing to read it). My only disappointment being I expected this book to be an objective view of Facebook than only painting the biased view. I wanted to know the mistakes, trials and tribulations and honest opinions of Facebook's foundation and growth as seen by both Facebook loyals and rivals. Isn't journalism all about that? Perhaps that would have made it more of an interesting read?

Ok, enough said. This book is definitely recommended despite my critique for the general perspective on startups, marketing/advertising and passion to build on your ideas. Like Kirkpatrick quotes the former Intel CEO - "Only the paranoid survive"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things I learnt this week

Do not worry. I wont make this a series or something. LOL.

But this is what I learnt this week. (This is more a journal entry than a blog..but then hey, this is MY blog :) I sometimes love the smell of narcissism)

- I can whip up satisfying tasty meals in under 20 mins (this includes prep time apart from cooking time and no this isn't your microwaveable ready to eat stuff!). I have only one thing to say to the guy who marries me - you are very lucky dude;)

- Testing on the toilet. LOL.

- This heaven of a fruit shake cart on the intersection of Water St. and Hanover. Dreadfully delicious smoothie combos I can die for. I actually got a berry mango and banana fruit smoothie that totally kept me in happy spirits for the rest of the afternoon. I am telling you, this stuff can change you as a person. Ok, I will stop now. The important takeaway is - Its THAT good.

- That I can rant SO much about people, but also I will be the first one to help them with anything. (You see the halo on my head right now?;))

- With great power comes great electricity bill. Amen.

- That each day I walk by this huge building guarded by cops and then realize after 2 months that its the Fed Reserve.

- Leader (telugu movie) is quite likable. I haven't seen it fully yet.

- That I still hate hate hate SODAS.

- Programming by contract

- I learnt to make Zapiekanka (Not rocket science, just a simple Polish street food)

Lots more but I dont think its worth the Sat afternoon time. YAWN.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Reading old mails and other boring stuff :)

Oh yeah. Do any of you do that sort of thing? I don't. But my oh my..what a surprise. I did a random search for an old email and I see email threads running as long as 87 replies! Fun times! Miss that so so much. Wonder how it will be to sit and read emails when I am 70 yrs old. Ha!

There hasn't been so much of an update in my life. But I got my earphones today (cheap ones from and I can tell you for a fact I don't find an effing difference between these and my old ipod earphones. LOL. So I resurrected my old ipod which had been lying cold and dusty and abandoned in an old box. And there's music in its life now. Yeah, I am such an angel. I know.

Also as much as I hate sitting through classes ALL DAY LONG, I took a moment today to appreciate all the new things I am getting to learn. Feels nice to appreciate for a change than curse. Haha. I should probably do this more often. Maybe it is time to go to that meditation class instead of dismissing those email reminders.

Btw, I got completely taken aback today morning when a colleague told me that I am probably one of the fastest walkers hes ever seen. Hmm ok, not to brag, but I thought I was taking my own sweet time today. You know smelling the flowers and the like. Haha. But now that I map my downtown Manhattan walking route on google maps, it looks like I do nearly a mile in 10 mins walk (not run). That's probably fast.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Hocus Focus

These days (ok i confess, for a long time now..) I CANNOT focus. This is driving me up the wall. Like, REALLY! I just miss my pre-college days, right out of high school, when I was the epitome of everything that was focus. I was anal about making lists and revising and re-revising before an exam. I used to derive a kick out of watching a movie right before the supposedly most important entrance exam of my life (every damn exam was considered important then. LOL). I can't help but wonder when all that focus crap got wiped off me. Sigh sigh.

So now it gets so tough for me to even sit on my ass and concentrate on a small piece of problem I need to solve at work. The only thing that comes to my mind is "Maybe I will go grab that cup of espresso and then I will have the 'Aha!' moment". Needless to say, that sort of a caffeine trip ends up in more wastage of time and nothing remotely 'Aha!' seems to happen during the course of it. In the last 4 weeks of training, the only class I actually woken up to was the one I had yesterday on market making. And not because I learnt to do some genius yield curves but because the instructor actually told us the difference between Federal and State prison facilities in USA. (Ya tell me abt it. The things that seem to get my focus these days. Sigh:(

All said, life is STILL good. You know, when I see so many homeless people on the streets of New York city, I feel life's not all that unfair to me. Of course, the moment I get into a subway I am all about whining abt XYZ and the 'homeless thought' vanished off me in sub-second of time. HAHA. Such is the human mind. And if you read carefully, you can see how my train of though is not focussed right now. I started off on how I am unable to focus and ended up talking abt homeless guys and depressing subway commute! LOL.

Btw, if you happened to be in Manhattan or would want to someday and you heard about the Soup Nazi (I imagine everyone has watched Seinfeld atleast once), please don't just walk into the Soup Man place and order a soup. Because you will GO BROKE. A lobster soup costs 16$ here. No, I am not in a mood to kid you. I am not sure why still people flood this place. Even if the soup is SO heavenly I wouldn't pay so much for a soup. A soup is a soup. Period. Plus, if you are extremely hormonal like me, this is not the place for you specially since you have to abide by some "rules" here to order a soup. (Its not called Soup Nazi for no reason).

Oh whatever! My only time away from the Manhattan madness was at Niagara last week. I wasn't particularly excited abt the falls when I started on the trip. I thought waterfalls are after all waterfalls. But little did I think about how wrong I would be. It was WORTH the trip for those 15 mins of jaw-dropping sight. And if I wasn't too self-involved in clicking my pictures I might have enjoyed it more :D

And now I need to walk to Best Buy and analyze my bday gift. This is probably the only thing I love abt NYC. Staying at a stone's throw distance from anything and everything. LOL.