Sunday, March 28, 2010

I wanna be in the 90's

This thought loomed large when I was dipping these sweet little things called Parle G biscuits into piping hot tea this afternoon. Oh damn I just lost the crunch I thought. Mental note to myself: Dip the biscuit for less than a sec than you can enjoy it with the crunch.

See now I am blabbing! Sigh..

So I sat down to do the old fashioned stuff today. Reading a fat book armed with tea and biscuits. Nice. I am at peace. Then my thoughts go back and forth on the 90's. Then I start cussing. (You know where this is going. Another bout of ranting...) Why did this Internet happen? Like for instance, online friends. Who would have thought of that in the 90's right? haha. Imagine a girl friend of mine in pig tails telling me...Hey met this totally awesome guy on Facebook. I cant imagine how badly that could have destroyed the 90's charm. Where we simply exchanged love letters (or messengered them in my case) as teens.

And what about those TV shows we would wait the entire week for. what was that detective thingy..Byomkesh Bakshi? Man, I was like addicted to it like people addicted to weed. If I didnt see it every Wed night (see, I even remember which weekday they used to play that thing!), I would go all upset. That would happen when the power would go out. Good old 90's. If the power went out during your favorite TV show time, you would swear and curse (Yes, I was into such things even in the 90's. Even kids like that stuff, all you parents..if you are reading my blog. haha).
But if the power went out when you are supposed to be doing homework, it gives you an excuse to play antakshari on the terrace with your siblings or friends or whoever you hanged out with. It didnt matter. It was antakshari time. Even among mosquito bites on a hot summer night on the terrace.

Just yesterday A was talking something about a cool business idea when I shoot at him out of the blue.

Me: Do you like a terrace?
A: Err..yes.
Me: Me too
A: (Not sure why I changed the topic. But he plays along. Good old A.) So you used to sleep on the terraces those days?
Me: Absolutely! We would pick up a bucket of water an hour before our sojourn and water the terrace.
After it cools down we would spread the sheets. Watch stars. Play antakshari.
A: Haha. Same here.
Me: (Going into 'rant' mode) But obviously stupid USA doesnt have that privilege. Hell, I dont even get a decent
ventilation in my apartment. I am all choking in this...
A: (Cuts me off. He sees where I am going with this. He has learnt the hard way. lol) Yeah yeah. But did you like the mosquito bites then?
Me: (Sigh! He just knows how to pull the plug. Doesnt he?) Yeah. Hmmm.
A: Haha. But it was so much fun.
Me: (springing back..) SO SO much!! (I clench my teeth with the delight of a kid who just got a free cookie)
A: And the hide and seek days??? Chor police?
Me: aaaah...blisss!!!
A: Now do you think we can install this on a Windows machine. VMware or virtual box? (Obviously continuining the conversation where we broke off.)
Me: Sigh...

Now you see what I mean? If we were still in the 90's we wouldnt have such a thing as Virtual Machines or installations or any such jazz. It would just be you, me and a hearty conversation or antakshari over tea. I need a time machine now..anyone?

PS: I am powerless when it comes to constant references to my ranting and being so overly judgemental about myself. But you should have understood by now that the blog always carries impressions of my self analysis. Although annoying, would you please be so much of a kind soul so as to ignore them for the purposes of your own sanity? Thank you :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Truth be told..

I don't really talk through the serious stuff on this blog. (You might have noticed that already). But when I see people ripping off a common man's money I simply got to spread the word against evil.

To cut the long story short, I attended one of the so-called free Rich Dad Poor Dad seminars. In the middle of a rain. Costing me a precious 3 hours and giving me a massive headache in the end. Now I wonder this: Why isn't common sense common? Every single person listening to the seminar bought the idea that one could make money by working for as less as 3 hours per week. REALLY?? Wow! Robert Kiyosaki, tell me if that worked for you. Now I leave for the people with common sense (which isn't as common I figured by now) to decide what's the answer to that. Plus, Mr. Kiyosaki and the mafia behind this whole Rich Dad academy, a message from the common man - We are living in a world powered by information sharing. Remember the power called GOOGLE? Yeah, that's right. We just look up for information there and believe in sharing it for free. We believe in making it viral. By free, we truly mean free. And not a free seminar where the speaker reminds you every 5 mins to sign up for the 500$ class that will teach me to become a millionaire. I wonder what Warren Buffett has to say about the 3 hour work week path to becoming a millionaire.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Few rants and few laughs..

I somehow feel hype is a shortened version of hypocrisy, ha! Anyway, whats with all the raving about My Name is Khan. Shahrukh? So everyone wants to appreciate Karan Johar because of his sincere efforts. But of course on the other hand some aspiring new director trying to sincerely make a movie on a distinguished topic will be panned! Anyhow, the movie didn't touch a chord with me and I am just astonished at how people are loving the movie. The movie would have been way better if not for some over dramatic scenes (everybody gangs up at that Georgia place from nowhere...what was that? )

Anyway, you can see this post is becoming too much of a rant so I will stop here. Of course, I will agree I am biased. I cant take any more of Shahrukh on screen anymore. LOL. Whatever!

In other news, what's with people who don't smile or greet in the morning. Why God why? Didn't you teach them how to laugh? This is probably the millionth time I am ranting about them. It just ruins my day you know. The least you could do is acknowledge a greeting (instead of staring blankly in space. Ya, I have got that like so many times and no, am not like drop dead gorgeous or something.) Btw, I did my honorable contribution to humor moments today. (Yes God I need to balance out the morons who cant laugh to save their lives.) I was wearing this shiny new off-white coat...warm and cozy and as people stared hard at me I thought they envied me. But late did I notice some of them giggled, some others read out numbers...Oh ya, I had the prestigious price tag on! LOL. But being such a great sport that I am (I am in fact not, trust me..I get upset about the most trivial stuff. But today was one of my good moods..and their good fortune x-( ) I graciously took the tag off and said, "Can you believe it is just 50 bucks? Got it off a sale. But this one was probably the last one on the shelf. Try your luck!".

That didn't stop the muffled tones and chuckles but I atleast tried and didnt get upset. So proud of myself, haha.