Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forrest Gumpiness

That's what I call when I am in a mood to do something really really really weird.
Like the other day I ran to the 31st floor. Not by elevator silly, by stairs of course;) Now, I am not the best of the best in the stamina department. So this was more of a casual, "let me see" type of a thing. Anyway, so the weird thing is, it isn't weird anymore to me. I take the stairs now to the 31st! Not kidding :) Although the other day I ran all the way up to the 25th without pausing...today I couldn't dare repeat the feat. I drank a banana (actually two bananas) smoothie you see before I took the stairs..So I ran 10 floors up and then said to myself "FML. I will walk now like normal people do."

LOL. Ok, so this is a bit too much stairway talk :)
Btw, does anyone know do they REALLY penalize people for smoking in the stairways? I mean every floor exit has a ton of cigarette butts around. I am wondering how the smoke alarms don't go up. Hehe. I am definitely choking in the stairway. Also, when do these people smoke? I mean all I find are cigarette butts and no smokers.

Alright, so its getting hella boring now. I am thinking of taking up something creative. Something I haven't done before. Or even better, something I never even thought of doing before. So please vote in (I am unabashedly assuming I have this huge following who will vote on ideas). I have liked ice skating so far. But it is a pricy hobby. So also keep the budget in mind! (It feels like I am talking to an audience now)

Btw for people who have been wanting to drink spinach juice, do not fear. LOL. Mix it with apple sauce, it tastes great! (Now I sound like a cooking blog. Sigh. But hey, its a handy tip!)

So before I bid adieu, a joke/rumor/whatever you may want to call it...

(Tourist) female pointing at the conductor's booth asks a co-passenger on the subway: "Is that the restroom?"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Surya Namaskar at 3 pm

LOL, such is the weather here. I wonder how it is for people dwelling in Canada or Antarctica or Iceland or wherever the heck it is cold. Thank God, I found something interesting to keep me going here - Ice Skating. I never really thought that I would go 5 hours skating on ice in subzero temperatures and ending up all SMILES! So obviously I am hooked.

Of course, things are going to become busy and chaotic in few days. Btw, kids have more fun than adults in a skating rink. True Story. Age does change a lot of things eh? They LOVE to fall, LOVE to dive and skid on their knees and LOVE to goof up on the ice...And we are awfully embarrassed about even letting go and try a new skating trick. Such is adult life! tch tch. Also I can tell where the Chinese get their hardworking spirit from. I noticed atleast about 4-5 Chinese parents getting hard on their kids. "Go back there and do 10 rounds. Don't come back unless you are VERY VERY tired". Another Chinese parent yells from outside the rink, "Leave the rail. Leave the rail!! What did dad say? Bend your damn knees and go to the center. No rails!"

Cut 'em some slack you Chinese dudes! x-(

Oh btw I have to mention this funny (but not so much funny as surprising) incident on the A line. A family of four got in at Brooklyn dressed up in old battered clothes. Like any other average and judgemental human being I assumed about their hygienic conditions. Anyway, so this little girl comes sits beside me and looks out the window. My face is propped up in my hands with that forlorn look (you know the kind when you are having a headache and general anxiety about random things). She then quickly takes out a tiny hand sanitizer and brushes her palms together and passes it on to the rest. I am all praises at this time, obviously. Then she picks up a cluttered piece of paper near her foot and opens it and asks her mom, "Mommy, should we just trash it or do you think someone needs it?". To which the lady says "Maya, lets trash it when we get down. Also you are finishing your homework after we get home."

PS: Who loves to do homework on a Saturday evening? Ugh! Thank god, the kid scorned at that. Otherwise, I was already feeling sick about bumping into an abnormally clean and disciplined family. LOL.

Ah, whatever. I need to catch the sun now before it sets. So long..