Sunday, July 26, 2009


Got up early - long hot bath - prayed - cooked radish sambar - ate oatmeal with blueberries and ground flax seeds - checked mails - talked to dad - talked to A - went to haymarket - bargained with the rude vendors - got cheated with a moldy berry package - got half a dozen great oranges for 1$ - came down to MIT - called up D - went to Central Square - ate at Middle East restaurant - walked to Harvard Sq - sat down and chatted for sometime at the dorms - got mistook as Harvard students (secretly enjoyed for looking like 'Ivy League' students) - went to AMC - laughed out and howled the F word while watching Hangover - went to JP Licks and got a fresh peach ice cream over waffle cone - walked back to Harvard :p - reflected over life's truths (cheesy? no, nice:) - hopped back to the subway - went to Cambridge - traveled back to Symphony hall - did laundry - talked to A - slept :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rainy day blues..

It has been raining outside so much here. sigh..
I am not a rain person, and that too if it is raining for so many days, then what's the point x-(
This reminds me of those cozy days at home in Hyderabad. Showers in Hyd are unpredictable..It jus turns humid and then there are rains. I really miss working at my old job (although I always complained about how routine it was) in Hyd. At times like these, I would just get out of my cube and eat a snack outside in the rains :) Friends and family made so much difference. Even rains seemed very welcoming to me in their presence. (Like I said, I really really hate rains.)

Rainy days were excuses to take the day off from work, relax at home, sit on the porch with hot tea and Marie biscuits and talk to dad about mundane stuff. Either bitch about how uncivilized our neighbors were (haha! so cool;)), or that evil politician who was involved in scams, or anti-Gandhi discussions or simply target mom and speak about how we enjoyed English movies on HBO more than her favorite Sun TV..LOL. At which point, she would just storm out on the pretext of buying groceries or cooking in the kitchen. She could never argue and she never will, specially when Dad and I become a combined force. Only to come back from the groceries with a wet umbrella and find us in our own rooms..she would come to me and ask "What happened? Another fight?" and I would say "Yeah, your goddamn husband thinks his opinion cannot be questioned. Go ask him what happened.". Which she would find out eventually and wont make sense out of why we got all personal and offensive about some XYZ politician and his XYZ reforms and how we each thought diversely about that subject.

Anways, coming back to the topic of Rains. :) It was a frequent joke among my friends, that if I took my bike out it would rain. LOL. It often happened that when I went out to catch a movie while friends waited on me at the theatre, it rained. Or if I simply wanted to eat "chaat", it rained. Or if I went to give my bike for servicing, it rained. Rains! So fond of me, and yet I am so NOT fond of rains..

Today, seems one such day, when I can see the rains and recollect all those experiences. I once drove so fast in the rain with A just to catch a movie..strong winds, heavy rains and I drove like crazy with my eyes almost shut!! It all sounds so incredible to me now. I just MISS all of it now. Most of the rainy day memories are still that, memories..I have never been able to relive them, since then..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to be super productive?

- Focus on one thing at a time
- Always plan ahead. It's ok, if your plan cannot be executed sometimes. At least you knew what you were going to work on.
- Stay away from the Internet for long periods of time (unless your profession demands that you stay online :))
- Feeling sleepy? Take a walk, exercise (take a flight of stairs, do some lunges at your desk!), wash your face or just talk to your co-worker/friend/family.
- Reward yourself once you get your work done, as planned. Celebrate!
- Learn to say NO (not always). Prioritizing is important.
- Appreciate what you achieved so far and don't stress yourself about something that could not be achieved. Stay consistent and you will be productive.
- Take someone's help. Don't be "stuck" for too long. Give help, take help.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A walk with a friend amazing!

I met this friend of mine today at Boston. She came down to see her bro and we thought, well, lets catch up.

We walked all the way to Charles River and then caught some ice cream at JP Licks. If you are ever at Boston or Cambridge and you are this ice cream person or just want to try an ice cream, you totally totally have to try this one out! Their menu is amazing! Of course, take a small portion. Be kind to your body:) I tried the coconut almond chip (I didn't know tender coconut strips go so well with ice cream!)

Anyway, so she said how she finds me funny. I said "Hmm, why?"

And she goes...its your "delivery". I said "what?"

So well, I sort of discovered that I am funny and I crack people up.
LOL. Maybe so, because the things I told her about were sort of funny, if not hilarious.

Like she had bruises on her knew, toes and elbows. And here goes the conversation.

Adri: So I fell over this pavement sort of thing..
Me: Yeah I was wondering...what the heck you been doing?

Adri: Ya, see I have a mark here. Do you have any mark, like from birth Manju?
Me: Hmm, well ya. Not birth.

(And I point to two spots on my limbs)

Me: Funny story
Adri: LOL. Tell me.

Me: My dad had a moped sort of a thing, you know. Back in the 80's in India, pretty usual to see them on roads. They have open engines and wheels like the motor bikes.
I once kept ma hand on the engine to see how "heat" feels like.
Adri (cracked up by now): Whatttttttttt?

Me: Yeah, and my mom asks why did you do that when you know its hot. I said "But well I didn't know how much of hot is hot."

Adri: LOL

Me: And this one on my ankle..I kept my feet into the wheel when my dad was driving.
And then screamed because the skin was peeling off. The sort where you put a pencil in a sharpener...

Adri: Nooooooooooooo

Me: Yep. 'coz I wanted to know what it "feels" like putting your leg into a moving wheel. Felt


Adri: Hey I called you last night and you picked up and spoke nothing..
Me: Ya I do that. When my phone rings in the night, while I am sleeping, I usually think its the alarm and switch it off.
Adri (totally cracked up on this) : LOL


Adri: How many kids you wana have?
Me(instantly): 3
Adri: That was too quick. So you thought abt it?
Me: Yep.
Adri: What gender?
Me: 2 girls one guy
Adri: Guy older or younger
Me: Older
Adri: So first one is a guy?
Me: Yep

(I think anyone who would have heard us behind the lawns where we sat down, would have thought we were two young expecting mommies for sure.)

Adri: Girls huh...what will happen of them?
Me: What you mean?
Adri: I mean they wont be girl are not the girl kind. So who is gona take care of them
Me: A
Adri: aah!
Me: Yep;)

Adri: So there was this silly Asian girl who went to school with my bro.
Me: Ok.

Adri: And she like runs all the time...loves running
Me: hmm

Adri: And she runs at odd hours...She came down here (charles river walk) one night at 3 am to run and didnt return
Me: Wot!

Adri: So ya, my bro and friends worried and went down to search for her. They find her sleeping on a bench.
Me: Gosh, what a freak..

Adri: Listen up, she said she felt tired with all the running so found a spot on a bench and slept.
Me (Sarcastically): How cool is that :p

Evening well spent. I wish I took pictures though, of us since I don't meet Adrienne so often. Damn, I should get an iphone! :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

The good, the bad and the ego..

Yeah,that's right. Every time I fight with dad, I fight with A..(yeah, thats right only two people have been favorited so far for fights;)) a huge part of that fight is my big, bloated three letter evil companion called EGO.

Sample trails -

Me: Hey
Dad: Hello, how is everything

Me: Nice. For you?
Dad: I sprained my leg recently.

Me: Whaaaaaaaaaat?
Dad: Fell off a ladder.

Me: Great. Why not jump off a cliff?
Dad: (silence)

Me: No really, try that. Ladders are not enough for you anymore, are they?
Dad: So when are you coming here?

Me: So what now, are you your own doctor or have you even bothered to go find one?
Dad: It will be alright.

Me: Don't expect me or mom to take care of you
Dad: (silence)

Me: Nobody ever listens to me..

blah blah blah..FIGHT Manju FIGHT says my ego.


A: Heyyy wassup?
Me: What? (Apparently, someone showed me their ego so I am showing mine to A. Dumb ego!)

A: I just ate dosa..hehe
Me: So?

A: Its your favorite na..
Me: OK

A: You know that guy XYZ is getting married to that girl we know..blah blah
Me: Yeah woteva.

A: Did you call home?
Me: Why?

A: To talk :p
Me: Nope

A: Hmm, so what are you doing?
Me: Why do you care?

blah blah blah...fight.



My dear Ego,

Get the hell out of me, take a vacation. Get lost in the Atlantic while coming back.

Hate you,