Thursday, October 25, 2007

I wanna sue life! x-(

Life's so cliched these days.

Ya, i like to put it that way than rather say life is routine.
It sounds so cliched doesnt it?

I met this super woman at a conference last week.
It blew me off! The way she could talk her way out of things, her hardships, her triumphs, her experiences and her commitment to work and life, to everything that mattered, her family, her kids, her friends. It was all so inspiring. And yet she was so humbly humble! (if there is such a thing as humbly humble!)

Anyway, my point is, life gets cliched when you dont sit up and think in ur head, think for urself.
What do i wana get out of MY life.?
No this isnt a self help book.
Am serious! Am screwed up most of da times, but i can still do this "am serious" thing at times.

Each passing day, we dont realise how we might be ruining dos moments which can MAKE ur life the way you want it to be.
Why should we think in the same lines? What after college? What after ma first job? What after marriage? What after kids?

Its like we are trained to do this. All so robotic!
There are days when I have walked on a road without even as much a thought as "is it da right way am going?" because my mind and body are automated to walk that road evry single day so ma mind wont "think". The mind has been put to sleep. It jus' leads me to the place I wana go..magical isnt it? Its devastatingly mechanical, if u ask me x-(
Your mind isnt in control about what you do, where you go, coz it has seized to think.

And life plays its little games on you!
Life is what you make it to be. So its that part of ma life where am sitting up and doing some "soul searching" (beat da heck outta exams and homeworks!! who cares! people do. but they dont rule ma life, do they?)

I, me, maself

Ya i know i am such a self centered swine. But I love maself too much and am proud of me.
To others, I am gona sue you! x-(
Am done sueing life


Sunday, October 21, 2007


Is the sun rising or setting?

Courtesy: My software engineering class :)

Friday, October 05, 2007

..And even if it kills me am gonna smile :=)

So says my facebook 'Quote for the Day' app.

Its amusing how people cannot get themselves to smile these days.
And wots more amusing is its taken a toll on me.
Its like I have been trained to do the 'dont-smile-at-people-becoz-they-dont-smile-at-you-neways-so-why-shud-you' act!(phew. that was long!)

I mean, you hav'nt got like the crumbiest teeth have you?

You jus' walk down the road and you see how people are scheming on how to steal glances at you and not smile or plain dart their eyes and roll them down like they are in deep thought.

Like there is this friend o' mine, he knows me, we took courses together and yet he cant bring himself to acknowledge me with a smile. Heck, you dont hav to socialise to smile!

Or there is more pronounced trend amongst us(or so i think!)..You walk by, on a road, sum crowded joint, library or simply by the classroom and you see this person walkin towards you..and your mind starts to race (ya, mind! not da heart.dats a totally different story neway;)).

/me versus mind

me: heck, should I?
mind: who, what?

me: ders smone coming dis side. vaguely familiar.
mind: oh

me: shud I?
mind: huh?

me: shud i
mind: is dat smthing you ought to think so much abt. it aint rocket science. so do it dammit!


the person walks by

me: seeeeeeeeee! he dint even know me! i feel like a fool.
mind: lol. wot a loser! move on girl! see..ders sum eye candy der by the water fountain. watcha think?

so you see folks, listen to your mind.
And ya, SMILE! Even if you dont know me;)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And thats how you build character..

If you ask me this whole thing about "building character" is bullshit.

There was a time when i jumped around in skirts, basking in ma outdoorsy delights (playing marbles! yayyyy!!)
or simply taking pride in ma elementary school victories (winning a lemon-n-spoon contest! yayyyyy!)

But dad wud'nt think so! x-(

He wanted me to clean the porch or cut vegetables for mom or learn "how to pay the home electricity bill"
Becoz he thot it builds character.

I argued "How can standing in one long queue outside a govt. office drenching in ma own sweat and praying that ma turn to pay the bill came soon, build character?"
Its supposed to give me a headache, if you ask me!

Or there was a time when I was sick and crawled upto him one nite and said, "Dad, i wana puke." and he said, "There's the bathroom. You know what to do".
"You know wot, i dono how to puke! So you better get out of the bed!"

And thats when after da bathroom hustle I was lectured more on character building.

Later as I began to stay out of home, I finally said to maself "Manju, no more character building.!"

Along came "cleanliness" freaks, "perfectionist" team leads, "organized" roommates
All of them with a single motto "character building is the crux of life"

Now when ma dad calls me, he often asks
"So are you guys paying up your bills in time?"

To which I reply, "Yeah. All the character building apparently has gone ONLINE"

Why can't I ever build character in a Miami condo or a casino somewhere?
-- Calvin