Friday, July 20, 2007

How I cooked up blog titles and then ran out of steam..

It happened on a sordid afternoon, 3 hours back, when in the parking lot me and ma lunch partner discovered....
helmet lock...that can open with any key(huh! wot did u think? wots great about a helmet lock? aint dat dumb. :x)

yeah...and then...i said in ma throaty voice (down with a bit of cold), lets blog abt it?

We lapped up a rotten meal for lunch and felt proud abt skipping an expensive looking restaurant for this rotten meal.
"Lets wash it up wid an ice cream cone", lp suggested

lp == lunch partner, for the uninitiated.

And then we skipped another expensive looking ice cream parlor..

"We can find a softie on our way bak to our abode", we proudly declared in chorus.

And then we dint spot an ice cream parlor newhere else.

"Wots wrong wid da world? Isnt there any sound person who nurtures the idea of opening an ice cream parlor?", I thought.

That's when I thot to hell wid hell wid evrything..

If you cant get an ice cream, swell! Wot is life then about?

Life is then abt blog titles;) Exactly..Dint know if relating all ma past incidents across several posts was a gud I thot why not just end up with self explanatory blog titles!!!!
(Ya i welcum claps..thank u thank u!)

So here goes.

- How me and ma lp found dat his helmet lock opens wid ne damned key and no, human nails arent even close to opening it!

- How I impressed ma visa officer wid a crisp shirt and lots of grins and got ma visa of course!

- How I shopped at a store day after day and end the day with a hysterical fight evryday

- How I am learning to car drive with a barking car instructor who goes spookily silent on evry Mon, Tue, Wed and Sat

- How the li'l girl on the street nudged at me and said "Didi..chaaabi.." and I thanked god she called me didi and not aunty

- How I was treated to a farewell party and people kept asking me "Ur leaving right?" while I was still very much an employee

- And how at the same farewell party I intended to give a farewell speech and ended up sharing controversial anecdotes

- How i frantically Alt + Tab when ma lead comes to ma desk and still orkut will magically pop up upfront

- How I read "Tuesdays wid morrie" and went and asked ma dad "Are you suffering from ALS?" and next day made ma lp read da wikipedia on ALS.

- How I visited a money swindling doctor (and still visiting out of compulsion) and make him record da pulse rate, BP, weight, height and feel satisfied abt da whole affair being paisa-vasool.

Life I tell u...hmmm...dont even bother! I sign off here.
And wot are u doin here? Go watch Chitrahaar! Like I care! duhhh.