Saturday, April 28, 2007

That li'l thing called courtesy

It started when dad's cellfone broke down..
No, actually it started with the bacteria (or is it micro organisms?)
that infected dad with cold and cough..

And since then dad's gone on a spree of medical check-ups.
And the best part is he (and also me) believe in taking second opinions.


Such is life.

And now dat means u also gotta collect the numerous
reports, x-ray scans etc etc. from these labs.

I head to the lab on ma bike, park, go in and casually ask
"Am here for Mr. ABC's X-ray report" and leaf out the receipt.

Woman at the desk: [Nods]
Me: [Waits]

'coz she's on the bleddy phone.


I mean hello isnt she supposed to be answering me?
She's the friggin' receptionist here!

Woman at the desk: [Hands over a larger than A4 size X-ray in an envelope]

Me: [Relieved]

On the packet: "Mr. XYZ "

Now we all know XYZ is different from ABC. Aint we?

Me: Hello, this isnt the same as the name on da (friggin') receipt!

Woman on the desk: [Blushing]

No, I dint make her go pink..It was da guy mayb on da oder side of da fone.

Woman at the desk: [Grabs the large envelope from ma hand..
yes GRABS! Leafs thru and gives me the right one this time]

Me: Err..Would you have a polythene cover, you see the
thing is I cant carry this envelope since am driving and..

Woman at the desk: NOOOOOOOO!

Me: ..and I cant fold it! Thanks!

I really needed an envelope now. I come out of the lab
and I find maself asking at a medical shop counter.

"Do you think you would have a polythene bag to carry this?", pointing to the X-Ray

The middle aged guy (with dirty hands) nods his head sideways..


"Do you know a stationary shop nearby?"

This time the man shakes his head long that
I thot his head would friggin' detach from his neck.

I take to ma heels..only to realise the bleddy medical shop
actually camouflaged a match box size stationery store RIGHT NEXT TO IT!!!

I mean is this guy insane? I just asked him if he knew a friggin' stationery?!
Could'nt he hav jus' friggin' opened his dirty mouth (am sure his mouth was dirty.damn.)
and gave me dat li'l piece of info?

I bumped into a small guy working in da store.

"Hey! I need a polythene bag for this", pointing at the envelope.

The li'l guy smiled and went in to search for one.

"Old one will also do", I shouted at his back.

Jus' when a woman in her mid-fourties gave me "wot da heck" look.

She apparently was the owner, parked in a dingy corner of da store.

"We got no polythene bag!!!"

"I thought the guy said you have.."

"No, we dont" she cut me bluntly.

"Umm, so wots dat there?", pointing to 3 polythene bags hanging from plastic hooks.

"I cant giv dat"

"I think it has waste paper in it."

"I cannot!!!"

"Yes you can. Now how abt if i buy this pen here?", I say pointing to a pen behind the glass panes.

"I WILL NOT giv you a polythene bag", she snaps

I bent over and looked at the li'l guy who had gone in..

She screamed her guts at the guy.
"Dont give her any bag!!!"

I sumtimes wonder. Wot is with Indians and the lack of courtesy?
Arent we a civilized society? Or is this still the dark ages?

Oh in case your wondering how I carried the X-Ray home.
Well, it neatly fitted in the front dicky of ma bike :)
Go ahead, call me dumb! duhhh!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Abt a good samaritan, damp weather and view from a balcony

After a whole day without work, bored of sitcoms and no mood to read..wot do u do?

I strutted to the sit-out and perched on an old plastic chair, looked around.
Plain old watching the roads! Realised how much I missed out on this whole affair
of sitting in a balcony and reading people walking on da road.

The weather was damp from unexpected showers.

And no! I neva gotto smell the earth before the rains:(
'coz it was unexpected. Few clouds huddled together from nowhere
and made the air more humid.

2 pretty looking school girls in pajamas raced behind a dachshund.

A middle aged couple on their ritual evening walk

A delivery guy on a cycle delivering local magazines in da neighborhood

A security guy in da opposite mansion drinking chai

And a fallen tree on da road..

The cars drove past..making its way thru the fallen tree..

The two wheelers chugged along..they did not hafta make der way thru was easy for dem..

Innumerable cycles wheeled across..

People walking past..deep in der muddled thots..

My eyes drooping and almost breaking into a late evening trance, when I see
a limping figure, should be atleast 80 years old, his head with a turban and coughing,
bending on the road and lifting the fallen branch of the tree..

He struggled a li'l but showed no signs of giving up..slow n steady pushing it to the side
As much as possible to the sides..

Then giving a long look at da tree..deciding its now a safe world for all, silently
retreated into the dark lanes..

"Did you c dat????", ma dad called from the side terrace overlooking the balcony.

"Yeah!!!!!!!!", i smiled.

"We need more people like him", concluded dad.