Monday, October 23, 2006

The weekend that never ended..

bak wid all da vigour and energy.!:)
longest weekend mus' say! far from the madding crowd:)
[read workplace]

It all began on a very eventful day at work..

After a hard day's heads to movie;)
Believe me, i was prepared for a lousy movie..until..
surprise surprise..Jaaneman is a pretty decent fare.
Yessir! it is! Partly, I wasnt too keen on watching
three middle-aged people(read preity zitna, akshay
kumar, salman khan) romance..(that reely isnt ma idea of
a romantic flick..sigh..)
But oh umm, it was good timepass.!
Credits to A for taking me to this movie..:)

Festive fare!!! Diwali..the D-day:)
Kickstarted wid all da pooja, sweets, savouries..
At one moment i thot i wud die in da kitchen..grounded
for da rest of ma life..;)
But who wants to die in da kitchen anyway?? lol.
It was sweltering heat getting to ma nerves
when god showed mercy and waved his magic wand!
lo and behold...!!! cool showers all over good ol' lazy Hyd:)
Shortly after dat, the burst of every lane
and in every corner...
And whom wud i ne kidding if i said "i burst a a few crackers.."
No sir no! There were like tons of dem..
I would arrange a set of three bombs and lite dem after oder..and bang, booom! made the loudest
Only with a occasional giving in to mum..looking forward
to sum space to burn flower pots..(i hate flower pots!! they suck!)
I went ballistic until late nite..until ma limbs ached..
Its a special feeling:) trust me.!

Oh umm..thot it wud be jus' anoder lazy sunday.!
Again kitchen...this time i whipped the best dum biryani
ever;)!! It was finger-lickin' good.![Me modest;)]
And then i was sucked into da world of aft'noon siesta..
when in ma own goddam druken revelry, S calls up..

S: entraa..em peekthunaavu?? [wot u plucking? -->

literal meaning..hehehe]
Me: Hmmmmmmm...

S: huh?
Me: Hmmmmmmm...

T: hehehe, recognise me?
Me: Heloooo...Teeeeeeeeeeesu!!!!!

T: yeah..hahaha
Me: hows u??? how is u?????? hows u???
[I was repeating each word a goddam million times..wot

was i supposed to do..i was sound asleep..]

S: thaagochaava? [got drunk?]
Me: Yeah! yeeeeeeeeeah.!!

S: ila maatladlenu baaboi..! [cant talk to u like this]
Me: drunk

S: nee...$^&#%*#%^*#%...paduko ra

Me: huh? T's with u at infy now?? at ur workplace?

S: naaa..
Me: Then how can i hear him?? from ur number??
[I forgot theres sumthing called "conferencing"]

S: ehe! paduko [sleep..]
Me: nooooooo...tees nee kidnap cheskunaav nuvvu..
infy lo unaadu...ipudu..right??? right???
[u kidnapped tees..right?]

S: padukoooooo!!!
T: hahahaha...


M: Hmmmmmm...

S: naa vala kadu ra baboi..pettai fone..pettai
[helpless...hang da fone..hang it..!!]

Evening saw a rejuvenated me..figuring it out dat it was
a conference call..oh fcuk!!
Took a hike wid ma folks and off i went to da lake:)
Hearing the water lashing across..and da silent breeze
filled ma face:) i loved it.!:)

Woke up to a bright Monday morning..
no Monday doldrums of any kind!
'coz it was a holiday!!!! yaay!!!!

I picked up this book long back..from a seconds book
sale.."The bridge across forever" -- Richard Bach
I sat down to read it..:)
It was one helluva senti thing.! Liked it:)
Abt perfect soulmate..blah blah..but good one.!
[Needs another post..i will make it a book review:)]

Few of ma frnds had landed up in Hyd:)
So was looking forward to spend some time wid dem..
A few fone calls here and der..until the whole plan was
called off..:(

I went shoe shopping after dat..For the record..I HATE
I made up for it by feasting on sum crispy pizzas at
pizza den:) yummmmmy!!
Headed bak home..ready to ravage da DVD shop.!
No sooner i entered..da DVD guy was jus then unsealing
"Khosla ka ghosla" CD
i almost jumped on his face..
"I want that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giv it to me!!!"
hahaha.! it was gud one though:)
I love contemporary movies:) Appreciate that variety:)

Oh btw...I got ma ears pierced:)!!
It was traumatic to say da least..but i can handle da pain;) [modest again;)]
It was like a bee sting..painful..for one nasty moment..!
no make that two..two nasty moments..two piercings na..
Oh does dat mean am Manju Pierce? [Like Mary Pierce?]
bad joke..jeez!

And end da weekend..
or shud i say weekday?? lol.


Saturday, October 14, 2006


Well, its not absolutely necessary to have fun on weekends only..
But what's fun about weekends is you think you own it;)
You think you have worked your ass off
the whole week so you deserve a break..
You wanna pamper urself, have good food, sleep,
hangout and simply laze around.:)

There are lotsa things I wud wanna do..
But so short a life I think:(
I mean wot all wud u wanna do if u know
u wud die tommorrow?????
Not the brightest of makes me sad when i think "death"
So lets' leave it at dat for now..'coz i dont wanna b sad:)

I caught up on 2 movies this week.
For a change both were gud in der respective genres:)

Dor (Nagesh Kukunoor's) --> 5/5

I cant stop talking abt it!!
I reely cant..i mean somebody stop me!!!
Ever since I have returned from the movie hall
I have been raving abt it to coupla friends
In fact i have bugged A to take me to the movie again:)
me happies abt it :)))))

I mean you surely cant come across a movie
thats so subtle when it comes to bringing out emotions..of all kinds..
a husband-wife relation, friendship between 2 strangers,
friendship between two diversely thinking individuals
To wot extent wud u go to care for ur loved ones??
Ironically, am happy after da movie:) [i mean its kinda heart-wrenching..]
K was almost in tears when the movie ended
I neva reely thought high abt Nagesh Kukunoor
but now I think admire him too much..wot a movie!!
It would be simply an understatement to tell the movie was
mind-blowing!!!:)) and so does the cast..:)

I mean there's this scene where Ayesha Takia is dancing to
"You are my soniya" number both pre and post her spouse's death
Its wot i call a strong direction sense. Kukunoor rocks!

Ok ok..its a must watch movie! Worth every buck i tell:)!

Pyaar ke Side Effects (Pritish Nandy's) --> 3/5

Rahul Bose in it..wot can u expect????:)
Very urbane and chic:) Its got these humor tones
to it...again subtle...not loud and not in ur face:)
A very yuppie cast!:) Impressive..
I mean Ranvir Shourey (Channel V vj) is reely gud too..
Mallika Sherawat for a change isnt putting on her
stoopid pout..she reely did carry off well as dis
Delhi girl who loves her boyfriend:)
I mean it was dis very casual movie..
Dontcha expect a lot from dis flick though..
These days if a movie doesnt leave u wid a heavy head
then its surely watchable:))
And pyaar one such.
Although I reckon it could be presented in a better way
as far as its second half goes.:)
Mayb dey were outta ideas..:( it seemed like it!

And also these days audience does appreciate movie's
dat arent fairy tales (Karan johar's sick man!!)
and are closer to everyday happenings:)
It strikes a chord wid da audience u know.. already a li'l guilty abt pulling off a
long post!! But certainly, if you would wanna know da stories..
you can catch dem here

[Oh! come imdb doesnt have "dor" in its listings????? how come???? and how peeved!]

Pyaar ke Side Effects:



Yeh honsla kaise juke
Yeh aarzoo kaise ruke

Manzil mushkil to kya
Bundha sahil to kya
Tanha ye dil to kya

Ho hoooo...

[OST : Dor]

Shafaqat Ali Khan(playback singer of this song)...where were you till now??????

Monday, October 09, 2006

'Chicken'ing out

Honestly, I prey on sea animals.
ewww! not a nice way to put it..sorry:(
I meant I love seafood more than any other non-veg dish. A says..vegetarians are often fond of chicken;)
lol..yes they are..and they swear by it.
And I don't blame them if they say it tastes like
paneer..A says its more like mealmaker (ugh!!)

So here's this quaint li'l restaurant that goes by name
'nanking' in the quaint li'l secunderabad:)

I mean you should take a look at it.
Its neva changed in the past 25 years:)
Well, one of the oldest, but definitely not the finest
as it used to be..

But then who cares about lack of plush interiors
or the pathetic service..if u gotta eat,u gotta eat!

I mean if its Chinese, its gotta be nanking baby!;)
Ok I now sound more like am marketing for it;)

So the deal is..there's a lot of strange things that
happen..I mean..u shouldn't mind u know..

Things that could appall you..

There's only a single guy who takes ur orders.

Your appetizers arrives after a good half hour

They would'nt be anyone around to serve you.
That's ok..but what would'nt be ok is this..

The same guy who takes the order will very unabashedly tell you
"We do not serve gotta adjust in here.."

Its only short of telling you "if you wana eat good chinese you better dont throw tantrums here;)"

You may have to wait @45 mins for a table:((

So u might ask wots da deal wid dis place..chuck it!?

Its da food...its so truly, madly, deeply YUM!:)
Its authentic chinese at its best.!

Okkie dokes..enuf of chicken run.

Am on a high;) (uh ain't doping. its that li'l bastard called "satisfaction")

Am satiated:)


Raat akeli hain
Bhooj gaye diye
aake mere paas
kaano mein mere

Jo bhi chaahe kahiyeeeeeh
Jo bhi chaahe kahiyeeeeeh

OST: Jewel Thief

Sunday, October 08, 2006

aaah..the trip.. reading ma own post (of ma old blog)

why u may say? jus' for da heck of it..

I know what u did last 6 months..

[Warning: This post is a product of a sleepless nite. So read at your own risk]

Hmm..I have been masquerading ma feelings for a long time..
like for 6 months now..thats long long time!
Not that am gonna unleash them now on ma blog;)

But did you ever come across this feeling to do "something"?
To do something pathbreaking?
To chase your dreams and yet there's this unseen force stopping you?

[Ok i know this is getting kinda boring.But i do not intend to in a flow:)]

So that's the thing..
For the last 6 months I have indulged into this huge mass of thoughts..
voices in the head are multiplying @1 million per sec.

Ma productivity at work has gone from worse to worser to worsest
(Statistics and time has proved it)

I have been hugely impulsive of late.

I have been sleepless from i dunno when.

Is there a solution to ma wavering mind?

Am still thinking..:)

And am almost about to nail it..

Enough of anguish and discord in ma life!!
Lets make a new beginning..

If there's a will, there is a way.
yeah baby!! there is!!

The ultimate heaven is contentment and am gonna have it!:)

Its 9th Oct and reely a day to reckon:)


Manasavaacha - Godavari
Get it here:

Unni Krishnan rocksssss!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

2 + 2 morons

The thing with phool patta gobi (flowers and leaves) is dey rnt living u know..
i mean not living in dis big bad world..full of phonies and morons..

ok dont be very not on a philosophical drive..
i mean u need a break from junk like dat. am not too keen to get bak home after i catch a flick wid A.
I wud rather mince words wid D i thot.
So, i gave her a call pronto..and der she was in her sweet ass voice on da fone..

D: Heloooooo
Me: duhh...wots wid da fake throaty doesnt
make u sexy..get outta da goddam home..we are gonna walk
the talk baby...walk the talk..

D: u psychotic bitch..u always spoil da fun for me.
Me: wots fun..? putting on dis fake voice? i loathe
phonies...and world is fulll of u

D: okk okk..gimme sum change into shorts..and
head to da junction..ok? freak!
Me: okkies dokes baby...okkie dokes..get sum dough..jus'
in case..over n out..

So we meet up...and then walk like a mile..
ogling of course on da way;)...apart from da junk talk..

D is talking excitedly abt her new..err..sumthing..i
don't remember..she's excited and thrilled to bits for
every goddam thing dats new...even if it happens to be
da new billboard in town! damn her..

So we waver from the new radio station in da
bitch who ruined D's life by finding her love in D's love interest...
at dis point ma mouth's raging wid swear words...
tch is surely full of morons..

Then a thunderbolt from da heaven we decide
to head to dis hotshot restaurant we neva went to..

Me: "Lets go...giv it a shot...get drunk n all..;)"
D: "shut ur foul mouth for once, will ya? lets go gorge on food.."
Me:"Yeah..dat shud do baby..dat shud do.."

So its dis nice homely restaurant..pretty gud ambience
(as if i care for ambience, but anyway..)..and dey are
waiters in neatly tucked shirts and a jack..

o boy! me n D surely dig da clean shaven, trim dressed
men...and if dey r tanned we love dem and wanna wed dem too..;) lol!

We choose dis corner table so dat we can gloss over the
cricket match on LCD between Lanka and Bangladesh (in
case we run outta topics..but well dat happens seldom)

Me: So waddya want? There's lotsa dope in here [eyeing the menu card]
D: I want S bak...u shud look at dat moron..he's all eyes for P :(
Me: O damn get over it, will ya? lets get's
a great pain reliever u know?

D: yeah..lets!!

So we fed ourselves till we wud puke..but da whole
goddam floor was so shiny and clean we dint feel like;)

Dey were whole lot of kids at da ruin da'l monsters. Families started pouring in...

Me n D had dis deep urge to go upto da first floor
bar...but then we were stuffed..too stuffed to even
imagine da steps upstairs..and then we knew a lot of
morons wud hang up we dropped da idea anyway..

We did talk a lot of philosophical shit..
i mean if men get drunk and talk senti..we do da same
thing after eating good food;) a lot of good food.

So finally we got da hell outta here..
It was like 9 was a beautiful nite i thot for sum strange reason..

Me and D passed two lady-like figures..
dats easy..dats reely reely act all lady-like..:)

and here's da scene dat happened

It so happened we jus' kept to ourselves, all silent and
walking..when...on a not-so deserted road..2 guys on a
bike..passed thru..shouting (and also waving) a "hiiiiiiiii"

D:[also silent]

And i broke da silence.

Me: Ignorance is bliss u know.
D: So whom do u think he said "hi" to?

Me: whaaaaaaaaaat? r u even in ur senses..
D: I mean i think he wanted to tell u hi..not me u know..

Me: Oh dont gimme dumb ass crap like dat..spare me..
D: I think da guy meant u..

Me: so hot..happie? now lets get da heck
outta here..ok?

I jus' abt finished foul-mouthing da pranksters when dey
swooped by again..

Bike guy: "laal baby..laal maal.." [and a wink after dat]

D: dammit! he means u...u r in red..!!!!
Me: u too..!!

D: no, i aint...dis is maroon for godssakes! r u color blind??? goddamit.
Me: Oh shuddup will ya..even am in maroon...its dat bike
guy whos color blind..not us..

D: ya two girls in maroon...marooned on dis road..hehehe

Me: oh shudddup! wisecracks n u...were u born wid dem?
D: So let's ask dem whom dey meant..ok?

Me: not asking dos morons..nothing..u get it
D: no am serious..i wana know..lets' c..

At dis point D turns 180 degrees..and watching incessantly over da neon lights..

Me: [walking ahead] u r sick..sicckkkk..
D: [standstill]

Me: r u coming or not???
D: [doesnt even respond..some 5 mins pass and she gives up]

Me: u r sick! dats wot u r...sick sick sick! u retarded thing..
D: Do u think dey wud be here same time tommorrow? u think?

Me: Shudduppp!!
D: Hmm i think i kinda like him already..

Me: whom? da one whos' riding..or da pillion?
D: lets make a deal...u keep da rider and me da pillion..

Me: aha..! ever so generous u...da pillion was a lot cuter..
D: u actually were eyeing dem..

Me: he was kinda eye-candy u know..i jus' glanced..i swear..
D: who's enuf lets get home..i wana catch T online..

Me: ooooooh..
D: shuddup...he's jus a friend

Me: ooooooh..

D screaming "shudddduppp" over da dark we headed bak home;)


Scotty doesnt know - Euro Trip

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Work as it seems..

So u love ur job?
U think ur work jus' cant better?
Are u the best employee of the year?;) are a wannabe..

Fresher (new kids on da block)
This kind is the epitome of enthusiasm, zeal..all dat;)
They move around *starry* eyed..
They scribble on the work board " waste time"
They love der desk, dey love der fone, dey love
der paycheck (no matter wot dey get paid), dey love der desktop
and dey love to impress the fourth kind (read boss)
And this is the bouncer.."They loooooooooooove work!!"
They cant help calling up friends/family and tell all da above.:)
They are glad to do wot i call "dawg work" and are proud of it too!!


Middle-of-the-road (the majority)
This kind doesnt reely think too much about dropping in
late to work.."why should i?", dey think...
Dey spend hours on gtalk,yahoo,orkut..send good morning mails..
and if dey feel like it..maybe gloss over da work..later..
Dey have mastered da art of procrastination;)
"Life's a routine..I slept da whole weekend..I went to a
late nite show..Food sucks in here..meeting was a pain.."

If you heard urself say any of da above..then you belong here;)


WMAO (work ma ass off)
Very often found mushrooming in and around fellow workaholics..;)
dey lurk around da workplace at odd hours of da day
dey are dressed to kill (pun intended:))
dey are what i call "anti-social elements" (not in da true sense of da word;))
anti to social life(oh have dey got one?)


Boss (need i say anything?)
Oh a lucky few(haha!) would get married bosses.(newly
married ones..mind u!) but then they get back to da grind..nd
then boss is a boss!! *Beep*

Hmm..all said..lets hear some of ma frnds now..

T says "There's no such thing as job satisfaction.Its an illusion"

S blurts "Yassynments(followed by a double frown)"
[*yassynments = assignments]

A says "tp (followed by a smiley)" on asking wot he's doing?
[*tp = timepass]

AP says "pehle kaam karna padtha tha, ab kaam karvaana padtha hain"
[Before we had to do its to make others do..]

S says "life's a bitch hune..gets fcuked up again and again"

J says "Enougghhhhhhhh"

K says "podhum paa saaaaaaami, pesaame kalyaano katikitu
pursheneku samachi podulaam"
[Enough of it God, wanna jus' get married and cook for ma

Anonymous says "Hullo..sai tiffins? single plate idli,
single plate vada..extension # XXXX"


Hum, rahen ya na rahen kal
Kal yaad aayenge ke ye pal
Pal, ye hain pyar ke pal
Chal, aa mere sang chal
Chal, soche kya
Chhoti si, hai zindagi
Kal, mil jaaye to hogi khush-naseebi

Hum rahen ya na rahen yaad aayenge ye pal

[Pyaar ke Pal - KK]