Saturday, September 30, 2006


Yeah! Have'nt caught a wink since 5 in da morning!
Since then I hav been jumping, hollering and calling the shots;)

I dont believe maself..!! Been active..on a goddam saturday!
It kills me..'coz activities have dumped ma crumby laziness! Makes me sad..real sad..
Laziness is ma forte, u see ;)

So i have been running an open field..(read below post;))
Been der dun dat!:)

I have been secretly videoing ma frnd;)
When she's actually gulping down tons of fud! haha! gives me a kick to blackmail her;)
Now she doesnt trust me when am horsing arnd wid ma cellfone...she thinks evry goddam minute am videoing her! haha!

Ok so lets call ma frnd 'ABC'..She also has this three-letter pet name;) more clues..coz i will rot in hell if i divulge her identity.

Then i went n booked a car..jus' like dat;)
The sales guy was kinda hot..haha!! Sum new guy i think at da showroom.
(..been to dat goddam showroom like a dozen times..thank god he was new..else guys
at showroom neva take me serious der!) hot guy..was 'zero' enthu!
I mean he's supposed to market da goddam car!
He was as lousy as the goddam toilet seat..He was'nt even a li'l courteous..
he was like dis guy wid smoky eyes..dreamy eyes..
and so me n ABC think he's hot!:)

After dat..i got ma hunger pangs..ABC was so starved that she wud eat da hot guy
if we horsed around even for a minute more..

So i dragged maself nd the glutton to da nearest restaurant..
it was dat predictable *thali* sorta hotel...but we wud'nt care more..

We ogled around at middle-aged guys..and gobbled fud...a lot of fud;)!

And then we were summoned to home..u see we were
out of home like from 5 in da morning! hahaha!

Then ABC's friend was getting married..lucknow style;) [we are more concerned abt the biriyani we will get to eat der:) jeez!]
ABC's been showering since like 3 in the noon for the goddam shaadi at 7 sumthing..ass!

..and i read up 'the catcher in the rye' and then caught this flick on Sony..
gyrating saif n giggly kajol in "dillagi"
another predictable the exact scene..u cud so goddam predict..

He stops da car on a cold nite..fakes a breakdown..
Goes and schemes dis evil plan at a nearby motel so dat he cud get her laid..n all dat crap..
he's tipping the reception to mix sum drug in d drinks.
goddammm..cant hindi movie makers think of anything

else??? *sigh*
makes me depressed..dammit..
Then there is dis sexy number dat kajol does..
"Hoton pe bas tera naam hain.."
And saif in his long hair..(he seems to hav a lot of hair more than kajol's)
cant control his horny ass..

And all dat is a dream..not even real! so phony!

so i stopped watching old bull like dat..and started bloggin' this corny post;)

So ders this shaadi..abd ABC's is hysterical at me..since i havent even started dressing up
after da function..we plan to daandiya d whole goddam nite!!!

5:40 pm.ABC is applying mascara right now..


ohh..i dunno the lyrics..its this song i heard first on [V]
Since then have been humming/whistling or sumthing like it
and ABC's been screaming her guts out at me..i like to make her mad;)

Get this song here:

Its got this retro feel to it:)
Shud be a gud club number already..


Friday, September 29, 2006

Hap hap happy !! :)

Anoder FM in da city! go hyd go!
Hyddie rocks:)!'s got three days! jus' like dat!;)
..and a friend coming over ma place:)
its a happy world out here!:)

Am goin to her farm house...
Been der like a million light years ago..
Its this calm place where you can hear to the voices in ur head;)
Wish it was on a hilltop!!

*silent prayer* (to add a hill up at dat farm;))

hehehe! there's this nice green house
at dat farm place where you can get up early morning
and soak up the sun! (its an amazzzzing feeling!!)

and lots n lots of green lush around..and theres
this place beside the farm...its an open field..
you can race thru the field and feel the wind
all over ur face:)

okk!! it gets ma hair into messy knots!
but then i dont care!!:)

did u hear me???

And i remember sumbody drove a tractor der
and we sat on dat tractor...!!
(dunno wot excites me abt sitting on a tractor..
Hope that tractor soul's still hangin' around:)

..And ders also this garden...u can sit down
and dig ur hands into the soil...and
plant those li'l saplings..:)
pour water all over..cold water splashing across!:)
and there's this lingering sweet smell from
the adjoining pumpkin farm:)

oh god! heaven beckons me!

Boy! Am i happy or wot?!
Somebody stoppppppp me!

Hmmm!!! i simply love that place
(more than ma friend;) haha!)

tra-lala! ru ru ru ru ru (humming;))

O boy! i love maself;)!


Its amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you dont say a thing

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
Theres a truth in your eyes saying youll never leave me
The touch of your hand says youll catch me when ever I fall
You say it best..when you say nothing at all

[OST: Notting Hill]

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jus' a decision

Three friends deciding on to do sumthing "different" on the weekend;)
Paraphrasing the conversation..

A(calls me): Conferencing...S on line..

A: So, wots d scene for weekend?
Me: Lets go for a treat..
S: Am not coming. I plan to abstain from any treats wotsoever

A: Has he gone mad?
Me: psycho
S: This is a li'l experiment..wanted to do this long bak..neva been able to realise nows the day...go without treats for 2-3 months

A: Wots happened to u? alright?
Me: Ok A, we shal go to Anand..who needs him?

S: Ya...A and Manju...only u both go to shoddy movies like dat...waste fellows re u are..

A: rey...wots happened to u? whrs the S i know?
Me: I think he hated the fuckin' treat last time..he told me he hated it..he dint enjoy..nodoby enjoyed...except for u..dat too a li'l bit

S: yeah..all we do is eat..i dont wanna eat out..i hate the outside food

Me[thinking aloud]: ab aaya oont pahad ke neeche (now the camel has come under the mountain)

A: Ohhhh!
Me: So..? Ok then..its ma treat this time..
A: dont sweat u rnt spendin' the money..
S: Its not abt the money.

A: then? ok lets plan sumthing nice then..we hav a whole week to think..we shal go to a far off place..we have to spend Manju's money remember...*chuckles*
S: farrrrrrrr away! ya! and only home food..

Me: whr?? far off place boletho?! and wot abt the food? we shal go to S's place...i loooooooove his mom's food.:)

S: Manju,this time we will hav d treat at urs.:)
Me: mine??? u mean i shud cook!? glad to...seafood then!

A: errr...i neva tasted it.
S: fry..naans..biryani..*yummm*

Me: shuddup...i dont know how to cook shal b rotis..or phulkas!
S: Waste fellow re u r..waste...tch tch.

A: neva eats seafood.

Me: oh ya! he doesnt...dilemma?? not so gud wid veg cooking here..
S: i want fried prawns too....

Me: shuddup!!! A is a veggie...
A: ya..seafood stinks..cant bear d stench

S: also i want sum desserts..gulab jumans..*slurp*

Me: heloooooooooo!!!! dint u hear it? A is a veggie
S: A, hav it...u will love it..

A: ohhhh...okkkk...wot if i dont like it?:(

M: skip the food! wot abt the place..? how abt dropping by n visiting ur workplace?:) from der we can go to this farrrrrr place!!?

S: ya! me too was thinkin the same! dude..A...waddya think?
A: ohhh..wot abt transport??
S: ya...then roam around all day...go walkin' at necklace road..

Me: me loooooooooves walks!! yay!!
S: anukuna.. (i thought so..)

S: hmm..wot say dude? we can also peek at who's behind the bushes!! hehe!

Me[thinking..]: damn..S's jokes stink..

A: when will we find u der?? behind the bushes???

Me: hahaha!!! way to go A!! waste fellow..S!!

A: ok so wots d final plan?!

Me[thinking]: i cant believe this!!! close to 2 hours on fone..talking nonsense and we dint stil settle on d place...leave alone the food.

S: ok so here's the plan..u and Manju come to ma home for breakfast..and from der we can go to ma office..its a 10 km highway stretch..then we go to Manju's place for lunch...and then to roam...necklace road...

A: dyooood!! cool it...who knows ur place?
Me: Me knows...its a goddam winding road to his home..*sigh*

S: ok then...sumbody is watching going..

A: he cut the fone?
M: ya mus' b his manager!;) hahaha!!!

[after 2 days]

A's sms: "So where are we going this weekend????"

Back to sqaure one;)!


Laagi Tum Se Man Ki Lagan
Lagan Laagi Tum Se Man Ki Lagan
Lagan Laagi Tum Se Man Ki Lagan
Lagan Laagi Tum Se Man Ki Lagan

Gali-Gali Ghoome Dil Tujhe Dhoondhe
Gali-Gali Ghoome Dil Tujhe Dhoondhe
Tere Bin Tarase Nayan
Lagan Laagi Tum Se Man Ki Lagan
Lagan Laagi Tum Se Man Ki Lagan
Lagan Laagi Tum Se Man Ki Lagan
Lagan Laagi Tum Se Man Ki Lagan

OST: Paap

Rahet fateh ali khan's alaap in this song rocks!!:)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

fish tales..

ramblings from a recent telefone conversation..

X: hi whore
Me: hi u pimp
X: hi fathead
Me: hi dickhead
X: hi satan
Me: hi ma angel
X: cut the shit, will ya?
Me: who's talking..u started it..
X: ok ok...wots wid u? no mails?
Me: well, u aint exactly available these days..
X: yeah, am having this stormy affair wid brad pitt..dont gimme crap..gimme updates.
Me: oh yeah? last heard jolie n pitt are fighting for gay rights..
X: you want me to come n kick u..shut the crap..for godssakes.
Me: Okkie..peace!

X: theres a new *fish at ma workplace..
[*fish = guy]

Me: omg! u hell of a lucky ass..
X: yeah...ass ma middle name..

Me: so u preparing the *bait?
[*bait = invite a guy to coffee]

X: sumthing like it..such a cuuuuuute dawg he is.
Me: whoa! nice catch..

X: lotsa fish in the *pool..but no one *hookable..
[*pool = planet earth, hookable = worth the dating effort]

Me: need to keep this fish under observation
X: doing it already..

Me: so wot are the results? needs *calibration?
[*calibration = flaws in guy the girl dislikes]

X: sorta..dis fish is ultra polluted..
Me: oh my..
X: there was this anniversary celebration of the company..and few culturals were planned..
Me: and?
X: he was dancing for this *beedi song..and got like carried away with a female fish
[*beedi = song from omkara]

Me: o damn! such a dick..
X: yeah..well then..waddya think i did?
Me: u devil...
X: hehahaha..u are soooo right...i was d organiser..
Me: aha..the evil event manager;)
X: evil part is so true...listen u idiot..i threw tantrums...that this whole beedi show is very unkool...wot wid families and chota bacchas are also gona come
Me: hahaha! mission accomplished..

X: hmm..not quite..he carried on wid the flirting offstage..uff..such a prick.
Me: ya..needs no bait..this fish goes in search of bait..!
X: dont wana talk abt this..depresses me..
Me: sure there are lotsa fishes waiting 4 u..waiting to get hooked..
X: who cares...
Me: ya who cares!! btw..if a fish cries underwater..can we see it cry?
X: shuddduppppp...


I believe the sun should never set upon an argument
I believe we place our happiness in other people's hands
I believe that junk food tastes so good because it's bad for you
I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do
I believe that beauty magazines promote low self-esteem
I believe I'm loved when I'm completely by myself alone
I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can't appreciate real love until you've been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye

Affirmation - Savage garden:)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Things i do when bored..

- clean up ma home directory and ma outlook

- daydream (or something like it)

- ping ma frnds that am bored and engage them in an insane conversation

- focus at the pencil on ma desk hoping to move it with ma psychic powers (lol!)

- leave a few comments on forums

- call home and ask "wots cooking for lunch/dinner?"

- give few missed calls

- twirl the pen between ma fingers

- read music reviews and blogs


Haan maine tere liye hi..
saath rang ke sapne chune..
sapne suriley sapne..
Kuch hansee ke..kuch gum ke..
Teri ankhon ke saye churaye rasili yaadon ne..

Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke...

Choti baaten..
Choti choti baaton ki hain yaadein bani,
Bhoole nahin bithi hui ek choti ghadi,
Janam janam se, aankhen bichaaye, tere liye in raahon
Maine tere liye ...

[OST: Anand]

Thursday, September 07, 2006

what do you do...

...when someone comes to you and says "from past one and a half month you have not been your self" :(

...when the tailor makes you wait for an hour and a half becoz he cant find his scissors?

...when the neighbour barks at you to reduce the volume of your music system even if its so low that you cant hear it urself.?

...when some one calls you on phone and never talks?

...when your late grandmother appears in your dreams and reprimands you for speaking crude, illegible Tamil.hehe;)

...when you wave at someone (over and over again) mistaking he/she as ur friend and they give u a "have u lost it?" look?

...when grown-ups pinch you and say "new pinch" when you wear a new dress?

...when your manager directs a question at you during a meeting while you are busy peeking outta the conference room at a camel taking a stroll on the road, wondering why should a camel have a hump?

...when you hav apples for breakfast, apples for lunch, apples for an evening snack, apples for dinner and you declare a day without apples as holocaust?

...when your dad chides you for staying awake late hours and you find himself lurking around the kitchen past midnite;)

Karaoke -

With their tanks and their bombs,
And their bombs and their guns.
In your head, in your head, they are crying...

In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,
Hey, hey, hey. What's in your head,
In your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, dou, dou, dou, dou, dou...

[Zombie - Cranberries :)]