Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No Title

Sometimes life just throws rotten shit at you..
You cant help but stand like a goal post and face it..

Karaoke - nil

Friday, June 09, 2006

BITS collage

Bored at home..wid a swollen foot..
No worries! :)
Tryin ma hand at Picasa..!! Mus' say some reely kool features der!

Karaoke - "Bhool Ja" (Shaan)
Shaan roxxxxxxxx!!! :))))))

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Me's in pain :(

It all happnd last nite..
Its one of those "All-day-meetings" day @ work.
Nothing concrete achieved at work. Nevertheless all des meetings happen!
There's dis TO-DO list in ma work book that jus keeps extending..into pages!


Hmph! I try to dig in a li'l..mayb finish few of dem..but aint in a mood. Still ders an important demo of a not-so-mind-blowing tool I have developed. That under-confident feeling sux ! :(

I pac at like 20:30 hrs.
Krithika, ma best pal, calls and we chat for sumtime and i make a quick retreat from office!
Only to know am at the wrong time..
(Why??? Why GOD? Why me all the time?)

-- What's irking me at this point --

If I take the flyover instead of the straight road, the flyover is jammed..bcoz sum fcuk vehicle breaks down and is getting towed.

If I take the straight road instead of flyover, then the road is jammed..bcoz 2-3 buses are huddled at a time and no place to slide past dem.

-- This is wot irks me --

So now I have stopped thinking. Dont hafta goddam plan to pick a road! Bcoz its the same result anyways..

Now whr was I?

Yeah. Anoder massive traffic jam! CM saab is entour to sum fcuk blocked the entire goddamed road.

Meanwhile, insights into ma mind:

* Why is so and so javascript takin' such a long time to load..?
* Is it possible to apply for a long leave to Bangalore after June 15th?
* Who mus' b dat slut who hates me so much that he drained a can of brown paint all over ma bike?

Only negative thoughts..I dont like this!


After half hour of lookin' & thinkin' & singin' & chewin' (Happy Dent) & starin' (at a Skoda)..block is cleared..

I accelerate..20..30..40..50..goin on 60 kmph..and

*thud! baam! boom!*

Sum screwball ran from nowhr..into the main traffic for godssakes!
To save this college kid I put all d pressure on ma brakes!

Ma bike reeled outta control! and crash!
It fell wid a heavy thud on ma left leg...right on ma toe!
Strangely I neither howled..nor barked at the guy who ran across!
2-3 guys helped me stand up on ma feet. And the college kid was almost about to cry! fcuk!

"Am sorry m'aam" was all he could muster..

I wasnt more appalled at the kid's mistake than at this very moment!
This very moment...Life was at a standstill

What could have happnd if there was sum heavy vehicle behind me when I fell?

Jus' moments before I was cribbing, complaining..and cursing..
Its a wonder how GOD strategically unfolds how life is vulnerable !!
And that it is in our hands (yes! in our goddamed hands nd nobody else's!) whether to appreciate life or not.
And he is in no way responsible for our dumb and useless negative thoughts..

I went bak home...with a swollen leg nd few scratches..still singin' heehee:)
Savouring the moment..

Karaoke - "Nuvvenaa" (Anand) , playin' on Radio City FM
(Still in a daze..Painkiller effect! So no comments..)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A chance meeting..

[Warning: Long post! Read it at your own risk]

Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!Wot a day?!
Saturday rocking'! Still half a solid day to go..and already so much happnd!:)

Hmmm. Morning started wid Radio City FM blarin out "Woh lamhe...!"(original one by Jaal! Jaal rox!)
And me's crooning over a cup of nice strong filter coffee made by mum!:)
Wot more do i want outta life? hehee:)

And den baam!
"Dont sit like a duck all day at home..go to the bank..blah blah...", shoots ma dad.!
Kill me! ya wot a pleasure..! And its a month beginning for godssakes!:( (
Dat means a long line of pension seekers...ewwwwwwwww!
I run to the withdraw cash..and it keeps tellin' "Transaction declined"


And even den am not mega peeved...
Bcoz am singin'"chaand sifarish jo karta hamari..." LOL!
Nothin like music to better ur day! :)

Walking aimlessly...And den frm nowhr sumone on kinetic stops...he almost killed me! dammmmm...

Oh boy!!! Ma librarian uncle! :)))))

--Flashback (short one!)--

I was this crazy (still am!) young chic in frocks/skirts religiously borrowing books frm this frndly uncle in the neighborhood.
It was the only library near home..I spent a modest 2 bucks on a book:)[Of course later I bonded with uncle & flicked books w/o payin! hehee:)]

--Flashback done--

Now uncle is like 80 sumthin'...all his age shows..old age sux! :((


But as enthued as ever!:) Wonder whr he gets all dat energy!!

Uncle: Whr u goin'? Shal i drop u?
Me: To the bank..Oh dats fine! Need sum exercise anyway..Walk is gud.

Uncle: btw, ma son-in-law has come home for a wedding here.
Me: ohhh..mmm (am already thinkin' of goin' to d bank and rigor of standin in the queue..)

Uncle: He's also dun his graduation from BITS
Me: ohhh...


Me: ohhhhh gawwwwd! Frm alumni?
Uncle: He's been in US for few yrs. And has now set up a SW company in Bangalore!
He's leavin today evening...

Me: Lets comin to ur home..NOW!
Uncle: (All smiles!) You havent changed a bit! Same ol' insane u!
Me: Ah cmon! We dont hv time.
Uncle: And bank..
Me: That can wait..

Venue: Uncle's home

Seated in the living hall.

"Hey u!!", a cheerful greetin' from uncles' son-in-law in shorts.




M: Woke up jus' now!
Me: haha!
[Great guy! I simply love smiling n cheerful ppl ! And ppl who shake hands firmly! It matters!]

M: So which batch BITS?
Me: year 2001
M: Oh man! u r jus a kid then!

[a li'l peeved]Ohh..yeah a fresher grad!
M: No offense! Me's 1992 batch! Dats y..i said u r a kid
Me: Ya! I got dat flak frm a '96 batch senior itself..and u are '92 batch so i can imagine.!

M: Been to BITS in 2000..Its changed a million bucks!
Me: Oh ya! it we got cellphones..

M: U mus b kiddin me!!! U mean like u can communicate wid parents bak home anytime..?? Pilani's got a tower??
Me: Yo!! Airtel, Hutch...u name it we got it!

M: Gosh! Wot else is new?
Me: A lot...ATM's, a super market, a brand new library, LAN connectivity, a lecture theatre complex..
M: lecture theatre wot??!
Me: haha! No sweat! Its a separate buildin' for dos gallery type classes...for the crowded classes, invited lectures and u can view powerpoints..
M: Ohhhhhh..ATM also eh? I remember i used to withdraw 12 bucks frm the bank to hav sam chat(samosa chat)...and stand in dat long crowd for jus' 12 bucks!


M: Heard they charge a bomb as fees now?
Me: huh? its like 20K now..

M:[Almost jumps off d couch] waaaaaaaat?! you kiddin' again? Durin' our time it was 4k.
Me: hmmmm. GOA campus might be even more..
M: So waddya do? workin'? which stream.?

Me n M chat for quite sumtime over a glass of cool lemonade!
M talks abt his company...ERP's..peoplesoft, SAP..The rigors of managin a company...Bang's crumbling infrastructure..

M: Hrd u gettin' a car?
Me: yeah!:)


M: Which one? first car?
Me: Yeah! Damn excited! :) Mayb WagonR.

M: Hey! Try Getz..its a gud one too!
Me: Hrd Santro isnt all gud..

From nowhere Uncle jumps in.."Did u forget I have a Santro..and it works like magic! So dont u dare..."

Me: [Cupping ma smile] Yeah yeah Uncle..Santro then!

And again *gyaan* from M abt wot to pursue in life...Mayb a gud 2-3 yrs in industry, den sum specialisation..
There was no stop until it was lunch time!:)

Heck! It was an helluva intellectual conversation!!:)
Me's in high spirits!
Already imagining like kickstartin' a company after few yrs:)!

Karaoke - "I believe!" (Savage Garden)
Love Darren Haynes! :)