Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ma Gabbar's sick..


Yeah...Gabbar is sick !
Oh btw, Gabbar is what I call ma Honda Activa :)
'Coz its dark, hefty with scratches and dents all over..

FYI, Janani ma teammie, once quipped..
"Oh is your bike the one with the twisted number plate?"

And like any true Indian..(maa kasam!) I will be damned if i ai'nt a Sholay fan ! :)

But ma Gabbar's in pain now..
Its whining and makin' all those "trut-trut-trut" sounds...
Cannot imagine life sans Gabbar :(

Here's why..
Like sumtimes I hafta take an auto to office.

Attempt 1:
Me: "Bhaiyya, Raj Bhavan road chalenge kya?"
Auto dude: [Shakes his head vigourously]
Me:[Stepping into auto..]
Auto dude: "Bola na madam, nahin.. "

wtf! he nodded his damn head, dint he?


Attempt 2:
Me: "Bhaiyya, Raj Bhavan road..." [Before I even finish..]
Auto dude:[Sways his hand..] "Kaali nahin hain"

fcuk! I dont see anybody in der?!

Attempt 3: A different approach
Me: "Bhaiyya, kaali hain kya?"
Auto dude: "Kahan chalna hain madam? "

[Me's thinking..Should I or should i not repeat ma chorus.]

Me:"Hmm..Raj Bhavan road.."
Auto Dude: "Arre madam, vo tho... "

[I cut him short and am already seated inside..]

Me: "Begumpet rly station pe bohat sare savaari mil jayenge...chalthe hain bhaiyya..time nahin hain..."


Yaaaahooo!!! :)


Moral of the story

Take good care of Gabbar.
- I promise to take it to d service station tom.
- I promise to spruce it up a bit. Get a small tin of black paint dis weeknd.
Gabbar to get bak all its shine. Dark and handsome!:) LOL!

Karaoke - "Aashaayein" (Iqbal)
One of ma fave tracks :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On da roads..

Oh yeah! A LOT can happen on the me!

Scene 1:
Two dudes on bike racin' past me. Pillion rider dude chirps "Hi babe!"
I wanna tell him "C'mon u! haven't ya seen Priyanka Chopra thing yet? She's the one who's babe!"

When will dudes learn..

Scene 2:
Dude on bike speakin' on cell phone thingee..
Cmon u guys (n gals too!) Its friggin' "uncool" to talk on cellphone while drivin' :(

Scene 3:
I take the wrong turn at a junction..
The traffice police guy waves me to a corner
"Gaadi kaise chalaare aap? Idhar 'U' turn allowed nahin hain"
Signals at the warning sign nearby.


Me's remembered that scene from Hyderabad Blues..
"Main kaun hoon jaante ho kya? Police commissioner ka naam suna kya?"
Should I try dat here? hehee :)
Hmmm. ma girl instincts tell otherwise. I strain ma throat and let out the most sweet sugar coated voice...
"Soooorrrrrry bhaiyya"
"Theek hain theek hain..", he muffles.
I flash dat lady like smile at him and race away :)


Scene 4:
Ders dis car guy behind me honkin' his ass off on da road. Like he's in some mighty hurry to go pee somewhere..fcuk!
I slide past him and let him go ahead.
Now am expect?
I kept honkin' ma ass off too!
Copycat me ! heehe:)


Karaoke - Pehla Nasha (Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar)
Oh man, I would die for this song!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

School Reunion - Chapter II

Me's reely bored abt prolonging the story of my first school reunion..
So am jumpin' ahead to the second one we had last Sunday :)

Hmm. The whole Sunday am only lazin' arnd, curlin' up on ma bed like a python after heavy lunch with a book and sum music in d backgrd..Dedicated like 16 hrs for sleep dat day ! heehe:)
I get a call to haul up ma ass to Eat Street by 7pm. Another school reunion.

The same stony faces - Arun n Shivaram..
New entries - Sarfaraz, RaviKiran.
After 2 guesses I recognise RaviKiran. I could sense he was cursin' his guts out at me! heck!!
Am not to blame..I hardly interacted wid dat guy at school!
Now he works at Intelli..and smitten equally by a girl as he is by his office cafetaria.

Sarfaraz: Jus' bac frm Australia. Am too busy to take out time..Been to Dubai, UK..


Sarfaraz: Yeh Eat Street chillar place hain..Chillar saale sab..

Then again, S takes us all the way frm Hyd to Sec'bad in his extra posh...ummm...scorpio I think
[Am dumb wid which car is car freaks pardon me!]

Venue: Friends Corner, MarredPally..

Sarfaraz in action.. "Arre chote, teen milk shakes, ek mosambi, ek pineapple..aur do special aloo toast...Yeh sab mere khaas log hain!"
Sarfaraz: "Abey main Anil se mila YMCA ke paas..pataa hain..usko main kya bola?..tereko maine dasvi class main bohat maraa tha yaad hain kya.."

We guys recollect abt S's activities at school..
He used to fight...and...ummm...yeah fight...& only fight..
Sumthin' like a school don..


Sarfaraz cracks some joke during Hindi class...The hindi sir is supposed to be the terror among the teachin' staff..
Somethin' like we all students used to drop our heads and never look at him eye to eye types..
We called him "Guruji" out of respect.
Guruji is irked..and S very crisply reveals the joke..
"I dreamt abt you goin' on a bike with a girl"
A massive slap lands on S's cheek and he's held by the collar and pulled to the principal's office.
Suspension for 3 days..

--flashback ends--

S continues: "Maa ki..
"Maine use bas yehi bola tha ki kisi ladki ke saath use dekha tha...vo ladki uski joru ya beti ho sakthi thi na?!..Saala..
And then another explosion.."Am engaged and gettin' married in anoder 4 months..Fiancee's from US..", says S

Next halt: S's larger than life home at Mahendra Hills..
All he wants us to do is know he has got 5 cars...coupla dogs barkin'...sum imported bike that would delight bike enthusiasts.[ Again forgot the bike brand.sorry, too bad at automobile knowledge..]

So he hauls us into anoder car..and now starts boasting abt the stereo system in the car...
Sarfaraz: "Dekh ab full volume lagaatum..."
Shivaram: "Abey, Fanaa ke gaane chala.."
And boom! "Chand Sifarish..." blazin' from this stereo piece dats makin ma hair stand!
Me: "Kam kar...pleeeeeeeeeeease!"
Jus' when S reduces..
Arun: "Abey clarity nahin hain.."
Sarfaraz: "Aisa kya...?"
Again raised the volume
I shoot a menacin' look at Arun..
I reached back home like 11pm..And still I can hear S.."Arre yeh B&C, Touch, Liquids..saare apne hi frnds chalatey hain..jaane ka hain to bolo..."

Karaoke - "Chand Sifaarish.." (Fanaa)
Simply love Shaan!:)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Know thy music..

Did ya know that the track "Dont Phunk With Ma Heart" by Black Eyed Peas used the legendary Kalyanji-Anandji's compositions?
Hmm. Knew this jus' last nite flipping thru the newspaper. Pity! Not many know this..In fact Black Eyed Peas won the '05 Grammies for this song!!


When ma demented mind registers a tune, it never let go's the damned tune outta ma friggin head. Like am seated at the exam hall for ma final semester Network Programmin' paper. I simply jus' cant stop crooning "Chunari Chunari" from Biwi no.1
Wots wid the friggin tune..I mean one second you are actually tryin to figure out which is better..shared memory or pipes or FIFOs and..
Bang! There it goes.."Chunari chunari.." playin ma head..Jus' not able to shut it out! :(

And one whole day yesterday, am only singing "Nahin Saamne.." number from Taal. Am so freaked abt this song ma entire goddamned life, that I know Hariharan holds his breath for one word "Preyasi" in this song for exactly 17.65 secs!! heehe:)
Ma record - 11.63 secs (jus' tried last nite) & improving..Yeah baby :)

Or did ya know Sukwinder S sings "Ramta jogi" & pronounces the word "jogi" in 23 different ways in the song??


Karaoke - "Tu Aashiqui hain" (Jhankar Beats)
Right now thats the tune in ma head..
RD Burman rocks :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

36,China Town

Its one of those "not so hectic but felt like hectic" days at work. There's quite a bunch I learnt at work today!! Me's happy :)
Then Arun, Shivaram and maself settle for 36 China Town movie at PVR's. We simply love PVR's for the leg space :) There goes "" advert for the nth time. Man! Someone ask the PVR guys to run some other ad for a change!
Meanwhile, Shivaram is all excited and jumpy. He is one of those "show me a movie and I forget the world around me" types. heehe. Deeply involved in the movie already.!

"Aa aa aashiqui main teri..." blares loudly..Hmm. Quite a catchy number. Methinks Himesh Reshammaiya's nasal tunes rock :) The other songs were quite a dud though :(

Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever for some comic relief. It seemed like Kareena and Shahid were holidaying at the film financier's expense!
Trust me, it was all along an Akshaye Khanna movie..

He is the man..
He is the saviour..
He is the one..

Ok, I will cut the shit. Honestly, he's ma passion these days..heehe:) So dont trust me! If I can watch "Shaadi Se Pehle" with undying zeal, you can gauge ma degrees of passion for him.!


One lame thing about the movie..They dump all the characters in a brainless song during the climax and make Akshaye holler "Mujhe tumhe dilchaspi hain.."
Ugh!! Now I hate Himesh R :-/
Is this some kinda "Gaana gao khooni ko dhoond nikalo" contest?


The ending was as flat as the Tandoori Pizza (yumm! ) we had at Pizza Hut for dinner.
These smileys are for the Pizza Hut guys :) :) :) You rock!
And then the shocker..Shivaram pulls out crisp notes of 100 from his wallet and pays the bill.!!
Shivaram PAYS the bill!! Arun almost fell off frm his chair..heehe!
Seriously, this is a bad sign..Somethin' bad's gonna happen..

22:40 hrs..Am at home..News ticker on NDTV..
"9 crore worth gold jewellery burgled from Alukkas, Hyd."
I told you somethin' bad's gonna happen...

Karaoke - Nahin Saamne yeh alag baat hain...(Taal)
Hail Akshaye! :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend fun!

U bet ma ass! I had fun or wot?!

Saturday's events -

Went for a breakfast buffet with K at Jiva's
Any south indian worth their salt would have loathed the idlis & coconut chutney. I mean whatever happened to something called *perfection*?
But then good smelling food and some good music can raise ma spirits to the peak! hehee :)
Stuffed maself..and walked bac to ma den..
den = work desk :)

Explored on log4j for an hour. But something was nagging me...
It was the *great school reunion* i was looking forward to ! :)

Lunch - Dragged K and ma senior to Shanghai Dice.
K and me were full from the breakfast we ate. We ordered fruit punches.
And the bill...fcuk! We were billed a massive 175 for 2 fruit punches! Can you take that..?!!

** timepass **

And the school reunion at 17:00 hrs.

Me and Shivaram were in time. Then Arun joined..
Looked here and there...Is anyone at all gonna come?

Me: "Am bored of seeing your stony faces..Where are others?"
Shivaram: "I was here by 10 mins before 5pm"
Arun: "Lemme call Sarfaraz"

15 mins...30 mins...

Shivaram: "You know I was here by 10 mins before 5pm"

In walks someone..We recognise instantly..Darshan!
Me, S and A in chorus : "Abey Darshan!!!"
The same ol' funny ass Darshan! Not that I interacted much with him at school.
I only remembered he was fond of singing the then sensational song from the movie "Dil" - Kambhe jaisi kadi hain...Shola hain phuljadi hain..
hehee :)
Now he is some hotshot at Reliance Capital ! And he's gonna fly to London he says..

Shivaram: "You know I was here by 10 mins before 5pm"

wtf !! some long, windy errors are getting thrown in ma Eclipse..fcuk! Gotta get bak to work.
More laters..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ma previous blog

Oh by the way, my previous blog...

A bumper sticker I saw recently..
"Men call us birds. We pick worms."

Karaoke - Jiya dhadak dhadak (Kalyug)

The World of M

M for..
Mango - the king of fruits
Mother - the noblest soul (belated Happy Mothers Day!)
Meg Ryan - the cutest thing on earth
Mocha - yummm..
Mercedes - ooh!
Mallika Sherawat - umm..
Mangeshkar, Lata - nightingale of India.. [what? Its perfectly right in Outlook..heehe:)]
Movies, music - all such nice things :)
Manju - ahem!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Strange things happen..

- Am on the edge of the couch while watching a horror flick at 23:00 hrs and an ugly rat sticks his hideous head out in the living room. LIVE !! An hour of chasing it out follows. Time well spent.

- I discover mah school mate also works at mah workplace after a year of being around! Better late than never :)

- One of mah colleagues' last day at office. I shake hands and wish him well. "Good luck", I say. He replies "Thanks. And please go to the gym". I feel like a sumo wrestler already..

- Am waving like a fanatic at someone on da road. Though it was mah friend. Only I got the "are-you-insane" sorta look from the stranger. Rightly said!

- Am about to walk into a restaurant with ma senior when a petite lady in black posted at the entrance stops me and warns "You need to pay a minimum 500 per head here whether you eat or not"
Mah reaction: "Thank you for the red alert" and take to mah heels.

- Am at the parking lot and I see someone trying to steal mah bike! fcuk! I rush to him. "What do you think you are doing with mah bike?" I ask him. He shoots back a strange expression. Pause. Then says,"Thats what even am asking you", signalling me to the number plate. Sense prevails. I grin sheepishly and make a quick retreat..

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ma last Sunday..

Its a Sunday. And am at office :(
11:30 hrs
I log onto ma machine. A haul of mails. Half an hour flies by.
Ma PL comes in. Totally expected..
Some code review, some suggestions..Bang! lunch time.
I give a call to ma senior and we decide on Penang, Banjara Hills as the lunch destination.
Never been there. Some fancy restaurant.

Everything fancy except for the "vanaspati-smeared vanaspati-smelling mushroom biryani soaked in vanaspati" . Yikes!!

Bad food depresses me :(
Even ma senior's tonsured head doesnt make me wanna pull his leg. Its that depressing..

Bad food's like apocalypse
Bad food's like plague to mankind
Bad food's like the end of a dark tunnel

Ok enough.!
I get back to office. Try to work. Lost all focus. I think vanaspati affects your concentration. heehee :)

Around 20:00 hrs. Nobody's around. Ma ass glued to ma chair.
The company's growing and so's ma ass...

Kamesh, mah office buddy walks in..
"Wots ya doing here on a Sunday nite?" , he says. ..followed by "idhar-udhar ki baate".
Like i learnt how to multiply two similar numbers with any number of digits and instantly figure out the solution. You learn so much from people. hehee:)

21:30 hrs
K wants to eat chat..He takes me to this great place where you get Calcutta style chat!
Masala Muri, Batata Puri, Chirmur, Puchkas and mosambi juice - ma dinner

"Now this is life. Its heaven" - I tell K